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Full text of "St. Louis Argus, June 1, 1917"

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!^*!» «M!*^^ Pytbia* N. A* S. A., E., A., A. & A. 

VOL. "VI. NO, 6 

ST. UUnS, MO.. FBIDAY. JUNE 1. 1917. 




Mob Influenced By False Report Attacks Inhbcent Negroes Without Warning. Police And 
Militiamen reused As Leaders. Woman 'Fails In Attempt To Lead Cowardly Gang 




Perform Heroic Did* In Tornadc District 

'Negroea did heroic work iu rescuing r used them as* a special crew to handle 

victime of the tornado at Miners! 
Aoint,- Mo., Decoration Day. Con- 
ductor John E. Gregg, of thf Iron 
' Mountain, in telling of the disaster, 


"Tbeta.wer* a- score o( Negroes tt 
Mineral Point who volunteered to. aid 
in the rescues. They performed feats of 
strength in lifting heavy debris that 
whites were unable to badge, thru re- 
leasing persons who -had beta pinned 
beneath it. 

"On* Negro lifted the fallen roof 
Of the railroad nation at the direction 
of Orsgg, who saw the foot of a man 
beneath it. The body was that of 
Sopt. La . Mas tern, a , companion of 
Oragg.'i for twenty years. Le Masters 
waa deadj and' the body crushed almost 
beyond recognition. _ 

' ' Out of the wreckage »i ennld t«i 
the pitiful cries of men, women and 
children. Many of their forms could be 
aeen plainly through the timbers and" 
trees that; had fallen over them," 
Gregg said. ' * • " 

''We fell to work with a vengeance, 
dragging off tbo timbers where we 
knew someone was being, crushed. II 
was difficult work in places. There 
wore a, number' oil large Negroea who 
had survived the storm/ and were work- 
ing like Trojans with the -passenger* 
and ere.w. resiled then) together arid 

the stuff that the white passengers had 
been unable to remove. It was simply 
wonderful how those Negroes worked. 
Nothing could resist them. They un- 
doubtedly saved many lives that might 
have been snuffed out but' for their 
magaiaoent strength and energy. I 
hope they all get full credit for their 
noble work. / . 

"One building had fallen on Mrs.' 
Mary Golden and her Ave --children. 
Mrs. Golden'* back waa broken, but 
she wo* still conscious and able to cry 
out to us when we arrived. It waa a 
hard job to dig down to those poor suf- 
ferers and -it required my Negro eroiv 
to do it We got them out, and I think 
the fire children will 

Injured Harroaa Not 
- "There ware Ave Negroes. Injured se- 
verely by the 'storm, and after wa .had 
ned all that we could see or boar, 
Negro crew started to carry away 
r injured from' the spot. _Jl in' 
vited them to put the injured Negroes 
aboard the train and we earned them 
toDe Soto, where they received medical 

aid. . 

Those black men didn't seem to ex- 
pect any help for their own kind, .even 
way th'e/nad worked, and I 
couldn't help thinking that the mob in 
East'St. Louis was making an awful 
mistake in beating up such-fellows." I 


All Day Steam 
Boat Excursion 

It is the talk of the town and fe very. 
body "is talking about it. The largest 
classiest, and tho best boat ex-' 
cursion of the season given .by the 
Academy Boys and Girls on the beauti- 
ful steamer Grey Eagle to 'Carter 'a 
Lake, Monday morning, Juno 1S/;11117, 
in honor- of the graduates Of the -three 
high schools combined, St.- Louis High, 
East St. Louis High and the Alton 
High. The' boat irm-«rtp;at Alton go- 
ing and coming. The boat will leave 
foot of.Olive SL at 9 a. m. Music- bv 
Great "Western Band. Admission' 39 
cents. Walter Carter, Haray Johnson, 
Bobt. Anderson, .Frank Tennyson, Paul 
Robinson, Ernest Moore, Walter ¥>nr- 
»,..'» John Cross, Henry Johnson, Chas. 
Roberts, Walter Henderson.' Jo*. Dam, 
Harley Walker, Baasetl .Jenkins, Ed- 
win Ivory, Norvell . Watson. Jesse J. 
Johnson, Master of 


Party / To The 
June Graduates 

Mr. Jas. W. Grant's Annual Party to 
the June graduates will take, ' place 
Friday evening, June 22, at the. Pythian 
Hal) Auditorium. This summer social 
event is always looked to with much 
pleasant anticipation by the graduates, 
arid, their relatives sod friends, who .are 
invited. This year several new dances 
will he introduced «nd a gala time- is 
in store for the gnesta. 

The closing exercise of the Motin 
School • of Expression, at. Weyman 
Ohapel A. M. E. Church, last Monday 
night, was witnessed by a' niee and an 
interested audience. % ' 

The presence of a number of repre- 
sentative men and women of the race 
waa a fitting tribute fit appreciation 
for 'the noble and unselfish devotion 
that has characterized the work of the 
teacher, especially during the last term 
of ber school here. ' • 

The work of. the students reflected 
much credit upon .their teacher, in that 
each number rendered by them 
reived many rnunds of applause- 
Misses Allen in a piano dnot, 
Misses Smith and/Edwards in i 
lection froju^DSnbar, came in for their 
share. Other participants were: Mrs. 
Lyda Banks, a eiator of Mine. Motin; 
Mrs. Edna Warren, Mrs. Jnjia Alex- 
ander, Mrs. Maude Kelly. .Mr. Hamp- 
ton W. James, Mrs. Lula O'Dell and 
Mine.. Cecil Watts. "Black Nance," 
rendered by Mrs. O 'Dell, is still pop- 
ular with the-audienee. 

It waa reported that, owing to ill- 
ness, Mm*i Watts wouia be unable Co 
sing, bat despite' her illness, she ren"- 
dcVcd one beautiful selection .which 
ssjulytolH tho story of> a well-trained 
voice. She was- compelled, however, 
to apologize: to her audience for*.-. ant 
being ablo to respond to the repeated 
calls for' encore. She was represented 
th n bouquet of beautiful flowers. 
Mme. Motin by special request ren- 
red ''Christian" {chamber sccnel. 
which she. sustained- her reputation 
reader of no mean ability. She was 


hold lir 



This great affair to be rendered bv 
G. L. Maston, Mrs. G. L. Maston Hid- 
dinologist, decidedly different. Conre 
out at 6:30 p.m.. Jane 8. to St. Paul 
Ch ofurii, corner " LeSngwell and Law 
ton Ave. This Enigma tells about your 
submarine, twins, the. wonderful Mi 
sonic-like mantles they wear, a warn- 
ing voice, symbols in Masonry: This 
of an inexhaustible gold 
mine; a fairyland; a wonderland ai 
wwg of the y-, Nsr.e D^.anW;'^*?* »^> is <° he^ve,, ^.!---r 

na she described tho difTerent seen"', 
while ton't) and laughter eipressod 
emotions. While responding to 
enoore. a large' bouquet of flowers was 
presented to her by' someone in -the 
audience .-.She 'wan. presented witlt a 
purse, at the close of the exercises, by 
the pupils and a fen- friends, as a to 
keh cS appreciation of her tfurk among 
St. Louisiana.,,' 

.Rev. R. W. Parr, pastor of Beren 
Presbyterian Church, netod as toast 
maste.r. Rev. Dobbirrs pronounced th 
benedictions Mme.. Motin departed 
Satordny-for the East, where she will 
fill many engagements .before" both 
white and Colored audiences. 

AH Men Between 
21 and 35 Are 

Subjected To Con- 

Tuesday, Juno 5 is the data set for 
the conscription registration. Only men 
from 21 to 30 years of age inclusive 
must register on that day. If you reach 
the age of 31 on or Ijeforethst date you 
are exempt. If you fail to present your- 
self, opt presenting yourself, you-give 
false, misleading, -or incorrect answers, 
ire subject to imprisonment for one 
Air mast register at the regular 
voting place in thepreeinet .whore your 
permanent home ia located. If you are 
to be absent from home on registration 
day, you must go to the. County Clerk, 
Or tbe City Registrar in citiej over" 30,- 
000; get a^gistfation card and mail it 
to your' homo in time to reach there by 
June 5. -You can call any place home, 
where you intend to live permanently, 
but you can not claim a heme you have 
been absent from a year*er more, 

Everyperson whb>ppears for .regis- 
tration will ba asked the foDowing 
questions-. Name, address, , date of 
birth, pUeo of birth, if a oitixen, occu- 
pation; If you have father, mother, 
wife, child under 13, brother or sister 
under 12, solely depcadonfc ur»n you 
for support; if you .have had military 
service, and- if you claim ^exemption 
from draft. This ,la"sl question gives 
the 'registrar ah- opportunity to slate 
whether he has any reason! why, he be- 
Heveahe should not; he drafted in the 
'irmy. If you have another mouth to 
feed besides your own) the government 
"»nta tqJ\knoW it... AH . questions 
"hould bo answered elonlr and after 
cireful thought, No one will bo re- 
quired to' hurry. . -.. . 

Militia In Control Of EStLouis 

the event 

edulftf to ts 


The dlliccrs' tri 
■groes' at fort De 
ready .to reeeivi 

-K.neil uffieers .Tune 

nmg ramp fivr 
Moines, la., will 
nnd others .lutie 

irse of instrurtinn bi-gin 

Academy at Douglass. Hall, 

moat" and Lawtoa, Wedneaday evening. 

June. 13, .191?. . ■ 

Dancing every Wednesday night. 

Sew. dances demonstrated. Competent 

, instructors td take care of you the 

whole evening. laatruetion 

. beginners from 8;0O'p-m.. till 0:30. |km. 
Reception" from 9:30 till 13; 
The Great Western Band will make 
music for the oeeasjan, and all the tat 
est music will .be played, and all the- 
latest dances will be taught". Our 
to will be to pleaae oar patrona. 

' wis Ivory and Jeaae J. Joknaon.will be 
instructors. Admission, 33 cents. 


Tbe good time party of the Book- 
lover a Club will be held on the eva- 
ning of-Juae ), from 7:30 to 10 o'clock, 
la the gymnasium of the TV W. C. A. 
All club women are expected, and those 
was are not club woaaea are desired 
» attend, clad la baoosatra aad middy 

ices of Stewardess Board No. 
C. B. Riee, president; Fnnnie Stan- 
ley, secretary; Rev. W. B. Johnson 
pastor.' Admission, lie. 


Th* young women of St. Louis are 
especially invited to -participate at the 
saaetksg of the dry Federation; Batnr- 
day, Joes 9, at 3:00 p.m., at the V. W. 
C. A., in con junction with the- Doog- 
lase Bally. All elnbs of yonng mmsi 
are uTgrd to- register With the Depart- 
ment ~pf Young Women '» Clubsoan thst 
day. Patriotic demonatratloni by 
yon n g women in Music. Art and Phys- 
ical culture will make Dp the program 
for the 


Bar. C B. Arthur will preach at 11 
a. m. Holy eassmunioa a* J -and II 
o'clock. Evening prayer at I p. as. 

Wednesday Night 
Classes At New 
~ Orpheiu Academy 

?>i r. Jas.- \V. Grant- has decided to re- 
establiah tho New Orpheus Academy 
Wednesday. night classes; "Tho Old 
Campaigner" has been compelled, aft- 
er much persuading, to accede -to tbe 
general demand And will inaugurate the 
policy again Wedneaday evening, June 
SO, with an nu»pie.ious. open ing. 

These Wednesday night classes were, 
quite popular at one. time and the Now 
Orpheus patrons ■ have never been sat- 
isfied since they were discontinued, and 
it is needless (o predict that they will 
show their gratification On June 30. O: 
course the Friday ' classes will be -eon 
tinued as usaaL. 



ri<.-Ti* riii-i 

tionnl-Giinnisuii-n iruni Uf.rarjnuj de- 
r-nrtments is ns follows: Sortheastern 
J'epartmciiti tO; Eastern pepartme.nt, 
"40; Rontheastern- 'Dnsinrtment. 4.10; 
CsattaJ Department, 1 9.1 f_ Soil (hern -i)e- 
4^irhncnt, 75; plus contingent from 
Twenty;«ourthlrtfantry,-84. and Tenth 
Cavalry, 57; Weslem Department.; 20. 

As far as consistent, with the char- 
neter nf applicants, it is -desired that 
nicn selected- shall be. not less. than 30 
yeara ot "S 8 - 

1* addition to the contingents men- 
tioned above. 94 men will be sent from 
the Twenty (if:i, Infantry In Hawaii 
and IS men from the Statb Cavalry ia 
tho Philippine* . 

. Applications from -St. Louis, and' 
vicinity should be. addressed .to the 
n.ramanding General of Central- De- 
partment, Chicago, DI. 

- Thursday eveniag. May, 31, after 
three days of spasmodic rioting, every- 
thing seemed to be quieted down in 
East St. Louis. The trouble started 
nearly two month* ago when the strike 
was called at jthe Aluminum Ore Works 
and strikers were -displaced by Ne- 
groes. It ia said that a. movement wns 
immediately set on foot by tho unions' 
to stop importation of ..the Negroes, be- 
cause it was feared that they would 
used by sanplovers 1 
strikes which we're -srhcdu 
place in the early summer. > 
meetings have boeu h-M'd 
thing that could be brought into, play, 
except mob violence, had been ex- 
hausted. During these six or eipht 
weeks of the' strike, (ho Negroes ' were 
getting a firmer hold on the industrial 
tuation; and strikers were getting 
weaker and hungrier each day. Many 
of tho industries have dectnred against, 
unions; nnd tha Negro labor, honest 
and conscientious, was fast winning 
the hearts of the managers of the ri 

On Monday night a meeting 
called at 'the City Hall by the strikers 
and an appeal waa made to the Mayor 
to do something for'the hungry 
ox soniething would be done by it, Tbe 
blame for tbe ajtuatinn^ was shifted 
from one source to another. Some said 
it was the manufacturers; others laid 
it on the Negroes; and still others said 
it was the railroad. ft> there was a 
AlvMon among them^Tt Was suggest 
ed during 'the mrit'tiliB to "get" the 
railrosd men: and another was to 
"drive out the 'Negroes and we will 
get our jobs hack with higher wages'" 
This latter suggesflon seemed to meet 
the -popular chord. By this time the 
eloquence of the. agitators had nlnile 
the mob ferocious. - Coineident wiih 
the dismissal of the. meeting, n ■report 
wns -cirrulated, into the alrendv in 

co who were 
- easilv pass 
id that was 

if ~the Argus 

members of the colored, is 
of. light- complexion .end,' 
and -repass unmolested; a 
a solution to the problem. 
On Tuesday night one i 
reporters mingled with tho crowd nnd 
saw the military men oomo'on tho 
aeone u They, too, were seen and heard 
to aaj", "We don't have to see every- 
thing." "Several military men were ar- 
rested by .the E. St. Louis police plain 
clothes men for inciting thetiot. The* 
members of the mob only moyed^in a 
small area, for they were afraid Aft- 
er several .attempts to' get a lender. 
it was suggested to go get '.'Ruby." 
Ruby seemed to bo-a' notorious char- 
acter; and Ruby came with a gun in 
her hands and the mob cheered anrl 
she started toward .the Negro settle- 
ment. No one tried- to disarm her, but 







Simmons School 
Annual Picnic 

The Simmone School Picnic, will be 
held Monday June 4th, at O'Fallon 
Park, grounds No. 1. There wilt be 

in(. a'hletie games and amuse- 
ments of all kind. . Re&aanrnenta of 
every description can be had on tha 
grounds. Plenty of good music. 2 bands 
Union .Musicians, will entertain you 
entiredey. The Picnic will bo. given 

r th* management of Simmons 
School Patrons' Association. ». H. 
Cole, Principal: W. B. Ward. Praaklesit: 
EG. Meanx. Secretary. 

A '.battery of Negro Artillerymen a 
ing formed in St, Louis. 131 mei 
let be. secured, by June 6- Able 
bodied men between the ages of 10 Mi 
40 are wanted. .For information asnatj 
t" David E.' Jbnes, T, M. C.Ar'Bldg.. 
SJIM-Lawton Ave.; R E."SCstkins, 3233- 
Pina St.. or Atty. Geo. L. Vaughn. 233B 
Market St. 


The annual- sermon of the Mosaic 
Templars of America will be held 
vTeyman Phapel, Sunday evening, June 
3. at 3:0ft p.m.'' All 'Mosaic members 
who are in good and- regubir standing 
ire arced to be present. . Sermon hv 
R>v..J. Bf. Parker. All visitors wei 


Owing to th* dissgr.eah! .- weather 

May 30, Mme. Jeaaette Watts 

■own's.ree.ilsl at St. James A.-it: V.. 

Chuiak was postponed until Monday 

"gat, Jans t: Dotfl aaia* bssuing her. 

The crowd mnrehed to the inlerspetioiis 
of nil .street cars which rmi into Mron.l 
way near the bridgei "nnd there thev 
gnlhered sticks; rocks and liri'ck's ana 
nttseked every Negro seen, flominger, on the. ears. ' Tho JJegrnes were 
caught unprepared to defend them 
selves;- and most of them found on the 
streets were aasaultcJ by (he mobs. No 
frttalrties wrire reported. ' , ' 
Argus. 'Reporter on tbe Scene' Earl; 
Ttteaday Morning iiH mingled' with the 
d .that made, tip tbe mob and a* 
formed little groups and discussed 
. plans, for' the -noraing" night, of 
in. everybody with .a whi.H» face 
was accepted as an eticmy of the-Nf; 
groes.; and there was no .hesilnney^is 
telling just what they were eipeetino 
toidn that night. Those thst mnde'up 
the raob.'sbowpd their usual enw.ardiee 
by urging tho police and. the eity of- 
ficials to dithrm the Negroes. The. po- 
JiBe were the principal ones appealed 
to. In .some instanRee the.]u>liee were 
heard to say. "Eidy*i I .am with you," 
This esperially applies to the uniform 
men, as the plain clothes men seemed 
to try to do their duty by. advising 
the mob to disperse; and on several oc- 
casions told them that' the Negroes 
were arming themselves and '-'hell'' 
would-be to pay if they went down in 
the Negro settlement. - 

Negroes Being *eau-cbed.— Th- Ne- 
groes woke. up to, the situation Tues- 
day and fully, realised just what thej. 
wsrn up against, when all Negroes whn 
tterspied to- cross the' Mississippi- IUv 1 - 
r fo 8t. Louis were searched Tor prms 
and it waa stated tha^ the Wnyor'of 
East At. Louis, at tbe request "o'f the. 
mob. had telephoned tbe Chief,of Po- 
lice of Rt. [..mis to 'Issue an order to 
prohibit the sale of arms -and munition 
.to' Negroes, This' order was.'i 
into effect and Negroes were refused, 
arms at the stores, bjit somehow they 
seemed to And qaite a. large number 
anyway. . Another difSoulty met -by 
Negroes was on t i;ei r return to East 
Bt. Louis. Police searched every Ne- 
gro who passed over the twn "main 
bridges-; and as t result, roany nf them 
were caught with ' the' '■;:■-.■'. -1> ' ■ on 
thero. One aoto of arms .was sent- by 
the way of aW MeKtinley Bridge; and 

that ''death was down th' 
stood arid Wtempted .to djs 
■'gun 'itf-the direction thai 


she wanted to go, but the giin failed 
to go off.. Sho (urnejland swore and 
threw' it on, the street and that was the 
euH'of "Ruby." ■ | . ' ' ' 

There has been mlirh asid about the 
work of the mob. What they did to 
the Negro wns in'ucli exaggerated. Aa 
soon as the Negf a was able to arm him- 
self and protect his home, the whims 
of the ;mob were no longer a terror. 
One prominent colored. ihnti was heard ■ 
to say. that "as lo&e-'nn the stath or 
United Slates' troni.i .do not .disarm 
us, we are abla to take rare nf our- 
selves.,"' He stated, however,' that the 
Negroes wen" nnt given .protection'.. 
The St. Ln u is Branch of the National 
Association fi>r the Advancement of 
' ■■nti»re.l_Paop!e took tho t.mlter up. with 
the (luvernnr of Illinois and made the 
shnrge ihat the Militio was* disrrijii- 
itmiiug in favor- of tie whites, .it Is' 
olw iitnlerstoo.l tlnt'n Committee united 
on the Chief of Police of St, .I,oHis to 
prntnat ngniu-t Ihe disnriniiunli'oi on 

Chief pi 


.1,1. Te 


fie^als here- hin'e disel,,,ed the-fn'et i ),„*_' 
from 1.1 to 2H young Amcrieans. with 
but little baggage but Carrying plenty 
of mnaay, ore crossing into Merieo 
daily, it is iH-lieVed by ofBciafs that - 
they nre lenv-ing the Tfniled States to 
avoid eonsejipliiin.. ^o Negroes were 
reported among thent. . 




Austin's Military .Bond will give 
high el^-^s Pop Concerts every Aundav 
during the month of June -in the 
Y. w. C. A. Auditorium. Some of 
the special features of these programs 
will, be soloists from- Metropolitan 
Choir, ' Mrs. Olivet Smith. St. Louis ■' 

a donlfa and a few instrumental 
soloists, all with band arrangement, ' 
Sjpecial attention'!* calleil to the first, 
program, whiclt ia aa followa: '. . 

themselves. '-.",-'" 

Baas at On Oame.~ \ lii tie meet- 
ing waa called aad it was told how the 
Colored . people were « being "discrimin- 
ated against; aad It was snggested that 


Hymn, Blest Be the Tie that Binds, 
Band. Oiogrngntioh standing and 
singing. - . 

Selection. Selected. Band--' \" 

Speaker, Technique, Miss Ceraldine' 

Chorus, Gloria, Morart- 1 * Twelfth Mass. 
Metrop..!itaa A. M.| E. Zion Choir 
jund BandJ '■• ' -"- f- 

Trio. Miss f* Martin, soprano;' Mrs. ' 
Robt. Ransome, alto; Mr. Wm. Gil- 
lispie, tenor. ' \> ■ ~ ' 

Cornet Solo, P. T.. Campbell. 

Band. . ■'."'."-.■■ v 

Selection, Selected; Band. ' 

Btar Spangled Bsaner, Hand, Congre- 
gation standing and. sieging. 

These concerts win continue ' 
through the mon'th of June, from 5 to 
A- ewafnfa Sunday afternoon; under the 
ilir-r-tioa Of Prof. R. Alwyae Austin. 






As It Gfbws Older ft Grows Better 




A Hair Grower That Won For itself 
Over 4,000 New Patrons Last Year 

For dfUils write*- 'PORO 1- COLLEGE CO., 
3100 Pine St.. Dep't. AI, St. Louis. Mo. 

UM eam« at Ihi- Faiwr 

m: c. whitlor 

Moving Vana, Packing and' Shipping 



INER i SraS 



106 N. Je«=rson 

Fin* Ci&sr* and Soft Drinks ■ Specialty 

Ladies'. and Genu' SKininJ Parlor 


. "ANY OLD" 


111 NORTH 12th STREET 

CENTRAL 348 1 -R 

Louis Mencken 


2<S01 Market Street 

Handle* a First-class Line of Good* 

Ordure Promptly Delivered 



lillY.: Oil 
• ulpliur prrpsrain.n. amrr 
in-prwluciof BIJHatBI n«r L 
MM ■ **T wills* H.W' 
,[|[l*lh*n<l^Dt ID'.l do. 
'.:<■ bOMSl STOlIDd 

ronw Independent 

*!£*•» ■ 

aery -Utile 

ilnr miil't float 
una- *no IBflwsj *s»*J ; - 
mill. » tenu. W 
■I ■■ *a*al la 'iu 
re. Wnli- rt>r ..-src'-iur, 
' ind aruoieiile price* to u»h. 
Boi ua-t -. isesttlahyH. J,U. IV. A. 


Cook Book 

W. Hughes 

Undertaker and amb aimer. Cirri ages 
furnished for all occasions^ 

Mrs. J. W.. Hughe* licensed smbelm- 
er. Phones, Bomont, 2925; Central H13. 
■M Lawton Ave, 8t Lonii, Mb. 




Your Printing 


"" ""'n i™ :ntno»hlp aa in« divine 
Something far Dinner. 

. H«ke {.■.■:■,-.:-!::::, ] V 1L ? Ud W^fT 

■It 1* quite hard, stir In a cupful of 
.broken bit*- of pecans, moid''Iu email 
S i * si re and serve ouT lettuce «lth tajt- 
jlj shredded green peppers-and mayon- 
naise. ■. 

American Woodmen 

■The Local . On mp of ^American Wood- 
men No- 10, of St.. Louis, is now lo- 
cated in "its office, corner Laclede and 
Compton^Ave*. The lodge se**ion* co&~ 
veno at MuSonic Hall, Eaeton and Grand 
Ave. Thu omeen of Camp. No. -10 are 
offering a free trip Jo Denver. Colo., 
to the. memben of this fraternity-. Thl* 
offer is onfe of the beat" ever, given to 
persons to visit the 'fGreat Boeky 
Mountain City." Denver is a long way 
from 8t. Lool* and potsesae* more 
scenis: attractiona than any other 
American city, -rPeiaonli who are 'for- 
tnnate . enough ' to" secure this free 
trip will indeed enjoy it. 
the' borne oSlce of the Supreme Camp 
of the American Woodmen. Tbia .great 
Fraternal Insurance Society ia' Use 
largeat and strongest Inancial organiza- 
tion among Negroea The Supreme 
Cnmp, which meets in Anguii, only 
mivta once in four year*. Visitor! and 
delegate*, repines fin g the yonnger 
nnrt modern member* of our race, will 
lie there from 17 ststes; in" fact, the 
ciifii and women, who make, up the great 
, iricmbership of thj*- organ iration. nre 
[of a' newer, generation than is usually 
; :■■- 

"pock, and w* trust that St. Louis will 
well represented. 


— .... r». m in i, hm-.j. i ■.■ m. 






MlM Birdie Bed, licensed erabalmer- 
for ladies. Livery carriage* famished 
for All occasions. Open day end night. 

27»LacasAn. St. Law, Mo- 

' And 




Kin. Phone Victor 1466-R - 


Dealer in New and Second Hand Good* 
Sought and Sold. Light Hauling. 

Visit Mv Parlor 

For real satisfaction in the treat- 
ment of the hair„cnll at my parlor 
LELA BUCK, 4441 Kennedy Ave. 


We are pleased to announea that Mr. 
J. T. Buah, Prof. E. D. Hamilton, and 
Mr. J. R. Lansing, and Mr*. O.-Tbomas 
are specially authorized to take appli- 
cation* for membership in the St. Louis 
Oantp of American Woodman. The 
campaign for" 1,000 'members is on at 
speeial, dispensation of (3.00. Gee. C. 
Martin, National Deputy. " . ' 

Send for a Free 
Trial Treatment 
for Syphilis, to 
Old Dr. Welci, Jack.- 



Lawton Ave. Pressing 

•%- QLUB -%.-" 

3. SAMS, rroprletor 

Gent's Stab Cleutd k Pressed Jl.M 

Cleaning;,. Dyeing and Bepairfng of 
Ladies and Gent*' Garment*. 

.2922 Lawton Ave. 



— HAIR. 


ESTCQ njmht. "lUi nm tiFitr bai 
raruuM. With rich ti.mli «r (til 1 
fUMH. s?r.| tihiiii't onkr i>r lumps.- . 

hnuh™, romb. w,.l tollrt artlclf 

Agants Wantad. Addr 

Department 144 

For the newest end moat up-to-date 


1S00— MARKET ST.— 2100 * 
They will alsa loan yon money to buy 
your winter elbthes. 

Kintock. Central 5E32 

Beit. Bontont Wl I;' ' 

Prosser's Funiture & Storage Co. 

Time .Payment Dealer* In 


3IIS-30 Ohva Stfeet Saint L.ui.. Mlssoari 

"More For Your Money" 

Furniture Bought and Sold for Cash or Taken in Exchange for Moving- 



Madam Point L. Long 

The Wonderful Hair Culturist 

First Application $1.50 with Oil. Afterward. 50c. 
every two week* 
acial Massage, Manicuring, malerof Braideand Switehe*. Agents 'wanted 


. Boll four potatoe* lit their Jackets, 
pee) tliem and pnf' then tfarongb a 
rfcer. Add a teaspoonfal of salt a 
quarter of a ettpfnl of Dour sifted and 
mixed with a teaapoonful of baking 
powder, add the yolks of two egg* sad 
the whites beaten srirT. Bon into ball* T, HllJl DEJUf AT AS HAUt anal 

£2fitm tifciSmSEm *&* TR.ATKIIT. *&2&f* 

Agents Wanted 


T '*l -ft— / 

Wiwrampfc*. will lake em o/joo." 

ohoosw m>f aids, choose cncme 


"MahuthesJan fift. veto*' 

OafHO IOC a Tr a1" '[***fl l t* tf f* I 




Qne. thousand agents 
de.. We want agents In 


wonderful preparation. Can be used with or with 7 
oil t straightening irons. 

Sells for 25c per boot— fM box will arowe its 
value. Any person. that will me * 25c bos' will be 
convinced. No matter what has failed to grow 
your hair just give THE STAR HAIR GROWER* 
trial and be convinced. Seud 25c f«r full siseboxi 
If you wiahtojw an agent aend ILOO and we will 
send yen a f ullVapply that you can begin work with 
■t i, !ice:"*l»o agents' term*. Send all money by 
Money Order to ... ' . ■ 

THE STAR>. ■* 


A.""WR1GHT, sthnager. 

Phone: Bomont 1851-R -. 2753 WALNUT ST 

Advertise in Argus 

Soperba Hair Grower 

Hair where other* faTL SSrlrtswItssI Is 

N> Gee* Sent C 0. D. Ataaa. 

pM«tSw«kt Has*, LinJefl MS4 UrfE >«*4kw Vna* 



Packing, Shipping and Storage. Light and Hearvy Hauhnf and 
Sccond-Hand Gooda .-. . 103 N. CHANNING AVE. 

<f> - COLOREM ENTERPRISE ■ '; ' ' ay> 

* Full Dress Suito For Rent. ± 


*!• . .:. . Sacoad-Haad Over Coat*: . - "■ *P< 


+ OHv.4640 ■.•:•■■ *|> 

+ 711 North Sixth Street Second Floor + 
>t +++ + + + -l- + + + + + T- + + T- + + + + + T- + + X 

1005 Kinloch: Central 4Ht 
Rob't. P." Fritschle ; 
DUsmskIs, Watch** Etc 




Wo Test Your Eye. 


And Sell Eye Glass c 
and Spectacles on Time 
Dr. Wm. M. Riley 

OrBt.: I.!f«r»aA«.. A Wut3l 

Phone Bomont 1548 ■ 


■abataeatoOraar. OW HaUCbaiwJ. BUstk^l 
PsadaaaMiiisiiiiil. CaU-i r« aaJ tHUrwea 
' QafekSWrica 

DRAKE * BALL. Mgts. 


Oldest Engraving House 
in St Louis 

325 Locust Street, 4lh 'floor 


Chauffeur* and autowobila owaat s 
hit ■*•■*• ' »npiioation earda 'for' 
liafaue from Attorney Oso. L. Tsnghn, 
Notary Publie, EUo Market Ba. 
1044, Central St7L 

*. "■»• oan ahrays dsfsnd 

' HBMltT BEAt/lT 

■-or lot-en prlosf'tn 

bTa^-i*£ auiaf EAMOT 

1700 Oood* A 

Standard life Insurance Co. 


Capital FuUy Paid $100,000.00 

The only Old line Legal Reserve Lif e Inauranc* Compvay 

owned and operated entirely by Colored People. Not 

Fraternal, nor Assessment, nor InduEtrial.. Insursnee In 

force over $2,000,000. 

Branch Offices In Missouri 


2363 Market St, St Loaia C. H. Fe.nif, Afeacj Diweter 

1616 E. 18th St.. Kansas City, Stewart ft Sssith. Afeacy Directat. 

The L Erdle Bakery & 


Bell-Phone, Bomont Ztl 


in Missnunrn vallct for 





' Mr, Jno. Clark, of Green Street, who 
wu injured mi ihi glassworks, u alow 
ly improving and desires hU f riendt tc 

call tad see him Mrs. Ada Jackson, 

wtoaa husband waa- killed at the oil 
works, ti»» bounht ■ baautiful ham* 
al lbs torno'r of Plara and 17th St. 

The exercises of Miat Harriet 

Bice 'a School were wall attended last 
Fridnv evening. . . .The I patriotic 

r/ ton, \ 

yromQea to be 

ose of the beat entertainment! ever 
given at Alton.... .Campbell A. M 
"Ohureh mmlMii in very buey pre- 
paring to entertain the two hundred 
nembon of the Illinois Anssdttt <Jon- 
'feronea in acptotnbar. The 'dtnick it 
lindorgoirig some accessary repairi, 
and the excellent pastor. Rev. Geo. A. 
promises that this entertain- 
ment ahall surpass" lay" previous a/- 
.Prof, Samuel Lewis, president 
of the Ruvnl Club," la among tabs* of 
raeo to purchase an automobile 
cently. .*:**>. Joel Busaell and wife 
conte^nplating an automeblle trip' 
Chicago soon.. Dr. Mary I,. Brown, 
aitfent of the Children'! Sanitari- 
at Wubinjtton, D. V.', and uepk- 
»w, will visit her brother here aoon. 
....lifv- J. H. Higglns is getting up 
a crowd to attend bishop Coppial' 
reception at Chicago in July.. ..Mrs. 
Oeo. A. Brown hu received word that 
■be Ui heir to a legacy, left' by her 
foster- mot her, of Now ¥ort, where 
Mrs. Brawn was born. .... Mrs. Win. 
Hammond and daughter. Mrs. Ritohie, 
of Upper Alton, entertained the min- 
is tera at breakfast in their beautiful 
new home, "Matilda West.".', . .air. 
Buck and slater were visitors of Al- 
ton Sunday It is hoped that out 

of Alton 'a three thousand Colored in- 
habitants, hi least two-third* will sitb< 
acribe for the Argus. 


By.Uta*\p. r. Bakot 

Mr. Lindaay ' Clay is enjoying his 
vacation hero this week Mrs.' Ma- 
rie Lyons is' visiting home folks at 
Coffman, Mo.. ..Faimington was well 
represented at tne eonunenccrpent ex- 
erclsaa of Attueka School at Bonne 
Terra, Mo... .A; party from Farming- 
ton attended the exercises at Miner; 
al Point Saturday. ..Messrs. Woyman 
and Arville Chappelle .motored home 
in their new machine Monday! ..Mra. 
Met' si lister and son, Bussed, have 
joined Rev. McCalliater here and are 
well pleated with the surrounding*. .. 
O. E. -8. Till observe Eatner Day to- 
morrow at Castle Hall. .. :Misa, Leslie 

of Wins D. R Baker the first of the 
week. .. .Master Rieaard Hunt is im- 
proving rapidly. . .^ ....Mrs. , SpUrlock 
chaperoned a party of young people, 
Who onjojed n day of fishing-Friday 
at Greenville. Miss Clara Kennedy 
waa hostess to the party. All report- 
ed having spent a pleasant time.... 
Mrs. Th'oa. C'nyce- accompanied her 
dau|jhtpr. Mias-Rdith.'home from Po- 
'1-!. a few days mo... . .Misses Ea- 
taeada and Xailiue Baker returned 

from Mineral Point Saaaay. .'. . .Mr, 
Imnuuuel Jaeksoct, of Pastas, spent a 
few days net* this weei... .Mra. Jane 
Hae£was called to PtrdaHcktowa, on 
business last weak. , She taturned 
Sunday.. ..Miat Sophia Mudd, Lathi*. 
Taj-lur and 'Plorenc* - Taylor visited 
friends at Mineral tolnt and Potosi 
last week.. .Quarterlr' Heating serv- 
ices will be ho|d at St. Pan)' June 9 
and 10. 


Mrs. Julia Tyler, 0/ Indianapolis, 
intL, who has been the guest of Mrs, 
J. T. Aneall left for her home Sat- 
■rday. .,..., Mr. Buelt Clark, of 3517 
Lawtou Ave., St. Louis, Mo.. Is the 
guest of bis father, *Mr. H. C. Clark. 
....Mr, Omnd'ass Jackson, who baa 
been in Manilla, la., for (he put few 
weeks, ' has returned humc. . . .Mr. B. 
W. J tit, of Bamboo, Wis., is the guest 
of his sister. Mra. Cora Valentine and 

Mrs, Karris Hedge i .Mr. Jimmie 

Johnson, of Bi ookliold, Ma., wu the 
guest of Miss Nellie Lewis, last Sun- 
day,... Mr*. G. W. Grosi, of Mobe'r- 
ly, HA., was a Maoaa visitor for a 
few- hours, lut Monday. .Miss AleatB 
Pleasant wu a Moberty visitor Sun- 
day. .Mrs. John Green, who hu been 
on the sick hat for the past month, 
la much improved. .. Miss Leona Dav- 
is, of Clarence, Mo., wu a Macon vis- 
itor Wednesday and attended the 
commencement exercises of Dumas 

School Mrs. Fred launders, of 

Omaha, Neb., is the guesl of bar cou- 
sin, Mrs. Jno. Green Miss Julia 

Kldd, of Mooroayille, Mo., is the guest 
of Mrs. K: L. Scraggs... , .Little M)sa 
Goldie- Wallace, of Clarence, Mo., is 
the guest of Mrs. E W. Djarkins. . . . 
Memorial exercises were observed at 
tbo A. M. E. Church . Sunday after- 
noon. Rev. A. It. Fox preached an 

excellent sermon Commencement 

exercises of Wester College 1 begin 
Sunday, June 3... .Mr. 3. T. 
bu gone to Quinsy, 111., to resume his 
work with the Davis Produce Co. 


By Mrs. H. B . Villus . 

Mr. Ellas Brown and Mrs. Louis 
Hunt, left Monday for Los Angeles/ 
i'[i). Mrs. Buth Patton, of Inde- 
pendence, Kan., is the guest of her 
mother, Mrs. M. J. Matbewa. . . .Mr. 
Or viile Kemp and Augustas Olivet 
visited in DcSoto lut week. ...Mrs, 
W. H. H. Brown, wife.of Bevl W. H. 
II. Brown wu Vrith us lut Sunday 
and preached, two excellent sermons. 
....Mrs. Hattie ViUars and . Little 
Ulysses Collins .!c.f ! for Hereulaueuin, 
Mo., where Mrs. % Villars will visit her 
sister. Mrs. A. Collins. ... .Miss. Beu- 
inli Nelson is visiting her sister, M". 
Otaee' Bums, in DeSoto. . . .Miss 8. 
Huffman, of Chicago I1L, .Is, tno' guest 
of Mr- Harriet Layce. ....: ..Be v. J. 
Madison and family are visiting their 
brother and listers, Mr. JoW ""Madi- 
son, brother and Mrs.. Laura Villars, 
Mary Thornton and Jane Cooper, sis- 
ters^ Mr, Joseph Madison was tnkon 
from his parents during.. the Civil War, 
wheii^ but a. small boy, nnd'this is 

the" Brat Jllme ho has mat with bis 
trrntner and-aiatara in tftyt w u. j a r s; 
An old time basket dinner was served 
in, his honor, at the residence of Mra. 
Uttie Williams Sunday, Fifty-two 
relatives were present. .. .Mrs, Tboa. 
Bryant and family have moved to 

Festua, Mo Mr. Wilson Thompson 

is very sick... .Messrs James Villars, 
D. Statcn and Anthony Btnitb wen in 
Farmiagton last week attending the 
graduating exercises. ... .Mr. William 
Brown and wife and Mr\Eluu Brown 
visited friends ' and relatives in 3c 
Mary but week.- ■ 


Br Mrs. Lena Laird < 

A sermon of rare thought imJ deep 
religious sentiment was preached by 
Hev. E. J. Buekner, cf tho First Bap- 
tist Church Inst Sunday afternoon to 
tho graduating class of lftl* of the 
Douglass School. The searching truths 
were attentively listened to by a 
largo- number of pupils and patrons. 
All were.ruuch benefited. After tbe 
sermon' a short talk was. giveji, by 
each of the teachers of Douglass 
School'. Rev. Monroe, of Kirk wood, 
will preach at Blackwell Chapel A. 
H. E. Zion Church Sunday, June. 3, 
at 3 p. ei. A great rally day is ex- 
pected A cantata concert will be 

given June T at Blackwell Chapel. All 
are cordially invited. Mr. and Mrs. 
Jus. N. Beaatey gave a party .Thurs- 
day eftoning, May 17, in honor of Miss 
Etna 'Austin, of Nashville, Teiin. The' 
house wu a scene of beautiful cut 
flowera and fonts. The guests present 
were: Misses Cleopatra and Hazel 
Morrison, Genevieve and Willotta Pier- 
son, Ida and Adofla St James, Vim 
Brooks, sLuoy xCsau, Beaulah Stone, 
Clara Boyd, Mildred Proctor, Lnna 
Johnson, Roberta Cheat am, Winnie 
Steward,, little Clara and. Mildred 
Cooper, of Allentoc, Prof. 9: J. 
Simms, Henry Lewis, Henry St. James, 
John Brooks, E. .Grant,' "Lawrence 
Boyd, John Thompson, Boyd Atkins, 
A. Cardell, Clermont and Leonard 
O my , of St. Louis. A dainty repast 
wu served by the hostess. Games 
and music were the features of tbe 
evening., A pleasant evening was spent 
by all Mrs. George Olovcr, of Mo- 
bile, Ark., is visiting her aunt, Mrs. 
Wm. Llndsey. ...Mrs. Mhry Pointer, 
Andrew Evans -and Mr. Ben Parka ate 
still on tho sick list. ' 

By Hit. 0. P. Jatksou 


Mra. Bet tie Rogers, of St. Louis,' is 
the guest of Mother Mainline. ...Lit- 
tle Denxor Wyatt is indisposed at her 

home on Garfield Street, Mrs. L. 

V. Bnxxffitt, of Neelyaville, Mo., presi- 
dent of , the Home and Foreign Mis- 
sion Society, attended "tbe executive 
board hcrevJast week. . ...Mrs. P. C. 
Payne, of/St. 'Louis is the "guest of 
her parents. ...v.'.Hra.' X, J. Redmond 
and .gnrnddaughtef, Hortenifc Wyatt, 
departed lut Saturday for . Kansas 
City, to visit relativea,.. . .Whoatley 
School closed tut Friday with an ex- 
cellent program rendered- by tho pri ; 
marirs. .... Rev. J. H." Henderson, of 
Cape Girardeau, attended the execu- 
tive board whicb convened at Cen- 
tral Baptist Church Mrs. Young 

n&^er pnpi 
ToniS the 

Outlaw, who wsj called to Poplar 
*WF, on account of the death 
aunt, left for her home in St. T.«uis 
VtVdnesday...ThB stork visited Prof, 
•nd" Mrs. Juan Syl'vuter and left's 

baby girl LitUo Ralph Spencer is 

able to be up again, after a apell of 
illness., .i.iule Misses Lillian Moore, 
Carlena Hudson, attended the closing 
exercises of the Charleston Public 
School Xbe commencement exer- 
cises, of Wheat ley "High School were 
hold at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, 
The graduates were: Chas. Spencor, 
Dell Henderson, Maggie Nevil. Hattie 
Carter nhd Ernest Kelley, valedicto- 
rian Tbe' Holiness Church raised 

*7ti in their rally ' lut tfundav...... 

Mrs. Wat kins, of Memphis, Tenn.. ia 
tta gueat of her son, Mr. Fred Wat- 

Uns Mrs.'- Cornelia Moore ia ill at 

her homo'on Valley Street... .Bey. A. 
L. Reed, of Marianna, Ark., preached 
a wonderful sermon lut Wednesday 
Bi.rieasant Hill Baptist Church.... 
The officers and members of Tlcasant 
Hill Baptist Church met tucadaynigbt 
with tho anticipation of calling -a 
putor. ' i - 


By Hiss H. N. Jones 

* The graduating 
coin s.-hool were held 'at the Opera 
House. Misses Helen Oliver and Sus- 
ie Martin aucceedod in finishing tbe 
11th grade.. Miss B. Williams deliv- 
ered a meritorius recitation, while the 
two graduates, delivered orations. 
Other features of tho program were 
physical culture drill by special pn- 

»!ial minuet by eighth grade. I A|t/> U A ID TU1T 10 ' ' 
Mi s s ¥. B. Wl cfcoti-fBriilihed faUIWl IIAIK llaAt Itf 


pile, Colonial minuet by eighth grade 

-xc--r- ■■ ■ 

the music. ...Miss Manle Webster, 
Wolf latand and Miss ' Myrtle Pet- 
ti;;rew, of Medley, who have boon 
attending school hero, returned '" 
their homes Wednesd'av. Also Miss 
M. E. Hicks, of Hlcksville, Miss Nich- 
ols, of Mexico, and Miss K. D. Towns- 
end, of. Bqnne Torre. «-. .Miss B. Mt 
White has returned borne since tbe 
closing of her scbool at Ste. Genevieve. 
.^•/.Misses L- Williams and Eva Bow- 
an are' visiting in St. Louis.. ...Mr. 
W. Hamilton, of Montgomery, Ala.>Hs 
visiting his uncle .Mr. H.-D. "Hamilton, 
for" 'U. Indefinite, porind.. ... Mr. B. X. 
Arthur went to Poplar Bluff lnsiweek 
on businiin. 

Vital Importance 
To The Ladies 

' tf too would like to have mews 
•natron.*, flowing, bexutifsL loae. 
straight hair j use one jar ot Zyno? 
Hair Grower ind Straightencr. Priest, 
SO cents; sent prepaid everywhere. Ka> 
Sable agenis wanted. Zyaol Toilet 
Products Co., 6 Sob th (Swing Ave, 
St. Louis. Mo. 


Hats made to match any costume , also 
blocked. Any design copied. Shapes 
for sale, trimmed free. Prices reaabn- 
able. Mrs. Wm. Uaeklin, 4971 St. Fer J- 

Qulnads, Invented by a Saw Tntfe 

Cbatnist, fiUniolatea and Nomlshai 

Ths Boots of tbe Hair 

Just u a good fertilizer nourishes 
the soil a iid produces a rich crop of 
wheat or corn, so will tho proper rem-. 
edy create a healthy condition of the 
scalp, and proniule the growth of tbe 
hair. QTJIXADK stimulates and nour- 
ishes the roots of the hair, thereby 
causing a healthy growth.' 
-QUINADE was invented by a New. 
York chemist, and is made under tbo 
personal lupervision. of a registered 
phlrmseiet of over' twCaty-flva venrs ' 
experience; this. is n guarantee that 
(JDIXAOE is as near pharmaccutically 
correct as Can be. The ingredients are 
aotuctcd ' with great cate and nothing 
enters this bio;h class preparation un- 
less H is of the highest purity. 
' Sfvb"y*> tJISASdA-P, tbo ideal sham- • 
poo, is an excellent »id. to QDIN'ADE 
in keeping tbe scalp in a clean, healthy 
condition. It should bo used about 
every two weeSs. .. 

Both articles are sold by. druggists 
and dealers at '2£b. each, or will bis 
sent direct by Seeby Drug Co., 70 T, 
130th St., New York City, on receipt 
of price. Write for sanVpie of QOEN-'' 
ADE, mentioning the name of this pa- - 
pore— Aavt. ' "■ 




- . Largest Colored Fraternal Insurance 

Order in the World. 

Insures Against Old Ago, Sickness, Pernimnent Disability-, Accident and Death. 
' $150,0 For Protection Of Policy Holders 
- 400,000 Paid as Benefit. 
$30,000,000 Of Insurance Written 
The Only Society Extending Woodcraft to Colored People 


Costs no mora than that Commercial Policy that 
Ogives only sick benefits. Forsame price you are 
now paying for little sick benefit. The American 
your family independent; 

Woodmen will pay you while sntj leave 

Up-to-Jatt; y««, Ahtad of Datm. OoUid* thm BtaUn Path of Life Inturanc*. 
Universally Popular " . - Rates Never Changing ", 

_ Sound as a Gold Dollar Solid •■ Gibraltar.-' 

Inquire Of ' 

~EO. C. MART1K _ _ 

:B. J. KNOX. 

Office: Cor. Laclepe andCompton 

Phones, Km, Cestral 54)1 Bell, Bamoal 874 

TSMMM^M^ ■■■■,&&& M^^M^M^S 

Ifrt DiAEU."* UPA5 OR 

PVHQH :«((. 1J tUllM 
Al TUB Kilt E^tLI tttcs 

IN Bxi'irAsjcf. 8V 
'LllIMM NAruitALIlTs 

svr_i-HAve oucoveitED 
A PM.H. ■aitti such a 
Pstaplv *n.T»stiT T ir 

CAN Tr%irV C«CANs)T3< 

•VtlN'.JXi VittsciTYdsT 
A jtiyrecsv mkm sum, 
*«¥» Mrtr tub: iA:««.eV 

rMfi*TT.Me fl> 

, ,-nuc (iAst«.»o, 

'V^? : " J sv v - fi, ~ 

&% £t Cnuta Argun 



.Ctly Editor and Advertising 


2341 MARKfiT-OT. 


Six Months.. - 
Three Months. 

Single copy... 

AtsvertlMrig Rates Furnished •■ Request 


The race riot that broke out in East St. Louis during this week 
was the direct result of labor trouble that has been brewing in 
that city for some time. Bast St. Louis being a large industrial and 
manufacturing city, large numbers of laboring class of people have 
been attracted there on account of high wages. Labor Unions have 
sought to control the labor that is used in the industries. In antic- 
ipation of a general strike in the near future, the Unions were face 
to face with the one great problem, and that was the Negro. They 
realized full well that the Negro (as a rule) was denied admit- 
tance to the Unions and those who did belong, were denied admit- 
tance to their councils. The Unions had decided that owing to tke 
scarcityof labor on account of the war, they would force the man- 
ufacturers to acceedro every demand.' 

The influx of Negro labor each day made the chances for tieing 
up the wheels of the industry lead and less. So after many weeks 
of sweating over the matter, a conclusion was reached that the best 
way to carry out their anticipated strike was to run the Negroes 
out of town, or frighten them sufficiently enough to get newspaper 
noterioty and make it appear to -all the world, that East St. Louis 
is a dangerous place for Negroes. The scheme worked quite well. 
Politics were their-main strings to draw upon.' These strikers got 
the ear of the Mayor of the city, and they whispered a little 
buncombe politics in his ears, and he" (the Mayor) "lell for it" 
and rendered the mob assistance, which precipitated the riot. 

"Sowing the Wind and in the near future,^ they will reap 
the Whirl Wind. It is stated that the Mayor and police officers 
condoned the actions of the mob that beat up Negroes and de- 
stroy ed-their property. These officials, let their prejudices get the 
better of their common judgment. Wejiredict that this outbreak 
of lawlessness, is but the beginning; it was meant only to clear the 
way for the real conflict that is- coming, and the next time it will 
not be an attack on the ' damn nigger, " but it will be on the own 
. crs of industries. The industrial and manufacturing plants, and 
this same mob, the same leaders, will mock at the city authorities 
when they shall try to interfere. 'This is the law of nature. Like 
the poisonous venom that' you take into your bosom might 
have life, it will strike you because it is its nature to bite. ' 

TheMayorof East'St.Lsujs should know that the same men 
who are clamoring loudest for Negroes to assault and mob now, 
will later ask for his head on a charger, if he at tern pttsto: interfere 
with them; for every act of acquiescence on the part of the polMe or 
any other officer of the law in the deeds done by the mob has/, only- 
served to make mob violence and disrespect for law and order 
greater, It is to be regretted that men in responsible positions can 
so easily become blinded by prejudice or petty politics, that they 
will forget the real responsibility of their offices. 

"He that soweth the wind shall reap the whirl wind.' 1 


EtfSBBfc ' — "■ 

jwif*^ » a wi— <iyir»/n*Twaca 

Than will be baptising at Central in 
the morning at 11 o'clock. - Putor 
Stevens will preach ill tie morning on 
"The- Cry it .Midnight." At night lie 
will apeak on "A Dective Hour 
will speak on "A Decisive Hoar." 
Spec ill song service morning and 
night. The noted gospul linger, lira. 
Watts, will stag a selection at the 
morning service and render tveveral 
numbers at tbe night service. She baa 
a marvelous voice and power in tinging 
the goepel hymns. 


The Sunday scrvlcea at El Ba(h< 1 
were inapi ring at S o'clock a. m. It 
brought tbe spirit that helped to nuke 
tbe day a happy one. Eev. OolUaa, ■■■ 
member of the Fifth Baptist Cannb, 
preached at 11:00 o'clock eorviee bom 
the subject, "Let U* Lay Aside Every 
Weight. ' ' Our Sunday acbooi wi* 
ii i eel; attended. Ilev. Wellington, .,( 
Com plan llijl Baptist Church, wor- 
shiped with us Sunday night... Thu, 
funeral of -Mrs. Leo Brooka waa a very 
sad 1 feature ot - our service . la»t 
Wcdneaday. We extend the family 
our di'fjK-.-t aympatuien. 'Mr. .and Mr.. 
Eil. Uurth enlertaincd Tastor Perry 
Sunday. All arc invited to our hap 
liam Hundnv morning and the sjmiifll 
acrmon of ihc North St. Louis UMuii 
Volunteers JJueiely at 2:3U p. m. He'- 
W. W. P«ry, pastor, Lillian I'inkney. 
clerk. Luke Broadway car E"' 1 -' 
north; get off 5 BOO nnd walk half 
blui-k enst !u ti.18 Athlone Ave. 


By ^A. P. Brown 

■■The Works vt God Tell of. Ili» 
Glory" was the. subject of Bev.TDoii- 
biim! diacyurar Sunday morning and 
was ii .: i'ii[ treat to all preaent. ■ Bui. 
day, Ajffcv, 3, ia looked forward \<< 
as a grehl day ut Wuyinun,- aa lilo 
third discourse in the line of special 
aerniuDB will be delivered by the pn.- 

Dr. Lewis Shi-air, of Liw Angole.", 
Oil., "ill preach nt S p. m. He will 
:il.-.i leelurv "t Wnyiniui Thursday, 
June " at 8 p. ni. Tbe public -nlirav, 
receive! a, cordial welcome tu all "i 
our services and strangers are 


The unioh met Monday night with 
Memple Avenue Baptist Church, Bev, 
ti. W, Ulemmss*, paster-. The nicei- 
ing wns gotid, while Key. J. W. Lice 
brought a burning message. His suli 
jeet was:. "My Suul is iiicecdinglv 
^..rruivful f'nt'i Death." We had u 
few remark* by President Hall. Kc>. 
Clemmons in quits ill, and coold nut 
be present) bui/fiis members rained tc 
tin; front, jam ;w if tkeir pastor was 
on tlo scene: Nfi't. meeting' will be 
at ril|>riui Bnptis-t I'hurch, cornn 
NL-wjIi-nd and l.'utu Brilliante,. 
Mitris. pastor. C'tdli'ctiou. 

ST. PAUL A. M. E. ClIUTtCil 


lament weather failed 

.Id n-gulars of St. i'aul i 

Dt'. Johnsnn 'courd not it- 

,■•1 the people moje than he did 

m Y O UR hand m 



Mrs. A. Crowley 


Clairvoyant, Medium and Palmist, The 
future can be foretobi. How much bet 
tcr it U to look in tin future and be 
proeperoui. Advice given in all mat- 
ten of life. Give luck In buaincaa and 
•peculation, law suite. Settles lover* 

Juairele, bring! tepsrated tckatkar. 
lake* peace and happineM In tin 

One Mock weat from Wellaton loop, 
Weliaton, Hodiamunt and Hamilton 

Sr. H. D. Howell, of. *Z»3* Finney 
r#. t til ngvfil lii nffiit to 209 N. 

Jefferadn Ave., where he would be 
pleased to nave hla,patWta call. 


Try Madara Baiiey 'a wonderful hair 
restorer. Thin shows tbe great results 
f her work after one and one-half 
yean' treatment, Sbe is always 
pleased to see von at any tine, at 
4S11 Finney Ave., or call Lindell 


Glasses to fit your eyes for 
$1.00 and Up.. 

Gold Filled Eye Glass Frames 

and Mountinir of the very best 

quality and lowest prices. 

• 2335 Market St. 


A COMPLETE courae of initi 
tke art of HAT MAKING and 
methode. Tbe inatrucUcna car. 1 

2751 Market St 

enabUng bearlnnen to leam 
inf aceordinc to the Intent 


St Loom, Mo. 

New and Used Furniture 




See me . . B-4--U buy elsewhere 

bomont "a aa J. A. HIEXaDS ; 

2607 Lawton Are. St Loom, Mo. 

-Oar Plicae 

On Senrka aWat" 

Mcdowell bros. 


Lady Aaaiitantffor Women and Children 

Hiiiinii: Fmi Mae . 

Former United States Senator Mason 

Flaeaer ia Par. >ead and Drat Lnialatiaa, F.lltr .1 Karal Free DtHrarr Sy*H» 





The broader view of the question of play grounds viid recrea 
tion fields' in certain, localities; must be taken consideration in 
arriving at any. just conclusion. 

The position taken by the Park, Commissioner, Mr. Cunlifi?,.with 
regard to the proposed Park and Play Grounds on the Tiffany Tract 
Cardinal Avenue and Market Street; was the most logical one to be 
taken uader the circumstances. We believe that the beat interest 
of the community ia served by ■' continuing llis-Pine Street play 
ground at present. . ': 

A community play ground especially where the colored people 
are in the majority, or are to be the principal beneficiaries, should 
be located in the best possible locality; and under thft most favor- 
able conditions. ' It would be oetter to wait another season than to 
be willing to accept a' less favorable location. Those of our race 
who are alwaya willing to accept anything offeredVor to move 
along theline of least resistance, are the ones that clog' the wheels 
of progress of the race. "■,-■.' 

.■The act of Mr. Cunliff in the matter was a conscientious one, 
for he knew deep down in his heart that "a better location would 
-serve the community better, and the expenditure of money in an 
undesirable location . {though the cost was. less) would -be false 
economy. . ".".". 

. The people of this community need a first class play ground 
and if itrequires a bond issue t'oget it, then we must have the 
bond. ..... . 

inneur and Chrietian Preparedtn-sa" 
ioiilii'be Hte'eubject from wbteh 'he 
.rtiuld pfeaeh. Tiixinn .into .enn>l.!er- 
iiliun. tbe [.reaeni crisis -Ibat eonfrcnta 
lis a< -.l ' !':i'.- n anil the spirit mini' 
fested in some parts u( the efiUiitry 
In ri'T.-irti and fo thwart' tie de.-igru 
of our chief executi-re, together »ith 
the luke-KHnnnCTS of the Cbrij^ian 
army, we repeat thnt the above .-ob- 
ject was vcrr appropriate. The pea- 
tor seemed to he at his beat anil ee- 
pettlattj when "be' to he»utifuUj.-i;a-ve 
the definition of the brcaatplalc, tbo 
helmet, the shield, the swori the jir- 
Illc and theiBsndtes. .-it eoold be ?een 
fiom. him diMOnrne that it w.a 
intention to impresn loyalty npon the 
hearts of. hia nearers, partietilarl 
the time when h* referred to rani, 
nhii nnjto the above test' Vbtif he 
was bound in priaon in the Bastile fif 
Romo. In his closing rfflnar!i», he 
urged his e'nnpresation (o go forward 
in the jiischcrce of .their duty in the" 
foee of confusion and opposition with 
lovr to ell anfl spite toward none. 

Sunday, June 3, ia Quarterly Meet- 
infi. Services all day. CommnniiB 3 
p. :;. Love fi-t Monday night . tinai- 
terlv .conference Wedn'eaday nijot. 
All aiiiiliarics. eipocted to report in 
full. A-apeefal invftstioa to Strang- 


- BY - 


via reeigned aa psator, we owed ovet 
(BOO current eapenaes. Brother ffn 
H. Butler, who. is chairman ttf the 
trustee board, launched a rnllj. known 
as tbo BOtri anniversary, rally, nbicl 
netted about $500. With the asslat 
ante of the various clubs, wo havi 
succeeded in paying off all of our debt 
except the Mill Creek newer tail, and 
a part of this tax was raised In a rally 
we bad last Sunday, - Rev. Cole has 
always been willing lo come and help 
uc whoriever we are 'without,* pastor, 
and we have learned to* look ilpon him 
and call him "Father Cole." 

Come out early Sunday morning, 
Sarviees begin promptly at 11 aJtn. 
Gotnmanioa at 3' p.rn. Preaching at B 
p.m. Bev. Maxwell will have charge 
alL-day " -* 

■ Tbe seal of the tlnited States government upon 'segregation of 
races on account of color, frizes liscenee to roobe and other mean 

forms of discrimination against our race. 

The Negro Training Camp fostered by the United States gov- 
ernment strikes us as being somewhat inconsistent with, the much 
preached "A United People." -- .'•--'.. 

Some people, of the colored race are simple enough to believe 
that the goodXord' is so just that every time a mob' breaks out 
and falls upon defenseless Negroes, a storm will burst and kill a 
large number of white people. * . 


Br Miim Sadie M. PUlow 
Sunday, Jone 3. will be a very ljn»J 
da* at onr church- Our newly elected 
pastor, Bev. O. C. Maxwell, will begin 
hia wnrfc in hia new field of labor Saa- 
day morning. Bev, B. H. Cole will •» 
sist him "until he beenmes more al- 
o,uainted with our htnoile of', wnrnhip. 
Ber, Maxwell comes- to a* very l.igbry 
recommended from both Indiana and 
Tenneeaee. Ha was only nineteen year* 
of ago wlffin he bi^ran hia pnblie, niin- 
istry in Memphis. Telio., where hi. built 
a handsome church, and remained pas- 
tor until a few years ago, when fas ar 
rrpted the call at Lafayette, lad. Va 
tr« expecting ilfroat things.frotrrenT new 
Arphird, and we nrg« all menbera t<t' 
fall in line, and make a grand march 
to aoeeeaa. > , 

Too ranch praise cannot be given 
Rrv. aVE. Cole, who ha* labored-no 
ardnanaly' with ni as polpit eupply. 
DiiiDE the Ave months he kas bean 
aapplylng tte ehnrch, be has aided the 
Dsanbeta In paying ott all -hot. -it of 
■i 1 When Bev.flM- 

Buaday, May' 27, at St. Paul A. M. E. 
Church, was found a great enthusiastic 
crowd to witnt^aa the results of the 
Mock Conference. The Conference had 
Ave Presiding Elder Hiatricts. . Mre. 
Sadie Reynolds being Presiding Elder 
of 'District No. 2, Mm*; our above thi 
'Other' 'districts by 'raising the grimes' 
amount, of money In Ave weets,. whicl 
waa »S*.43. Bev. Foxnil, the pastor 
ha*: done a great work during one yeai 
and a half, by building na a rlvir.-li Et 
the cost of 11,400, and has" bee; 
ceasful an paying' all the-debt- except 
17*. Bishop "b. P. Lee 
last week. 



The First Step Neeewary Is to 
Settle Book Accounts. 

County Otis" *° -nfca Oooa .a*iew. 

Ing During Psy-UpWaati H e 

Bill Should Remnla Unpaid 

After Thla Peeied. 

Saarsa Kate nanadnO nrn i ot retail 
dwmtara la d U Ba t aat linen trf trade, i*t> 

mSSSm ntintt nan hair at tbe total 

OM federal tmdo 

builaat fmuiht pollMcal campalan nl hia tit* In which h* vi 
alaitail CoiunwwnaB (rem. tha Suits at Illinois. The nanlta I 
rlimalMl Iron war 

DkIhIUuI Jamil.' 

Shi. Ho.oii.1 •! New York. 4ml f anHrat Aamalant Pbyaiilu 
Bn«kh>> Suio HaaplUl, whs ku ^■•nlhwi amttkanMUr 
lol.d Nnaatad Iru la bla awm ninu pmlin. 

- "I have often said I would never jr wins not 
recommend medicine of any kind. I awai| or 
believe that the dostor'a place. How- vTtoTounSi 
ever, after the hardest political cam- us nuk> <he 
paign of mj life, without n chance for ,a *'°™t° r 
a vacation, I had been stortinj to court ]JJJ^ ^,7^ 
every morning with that horrible. tired' «i.i or how 
feeling one cannot describe. 1 was ad- , ",.* n '! 5" 
vised to try Nuxaled Iron, j.snpionees- bTJoTau?* 
in the pure food and drug legislation, I ttrad. n«ii. 
W(J at flrit loathe to try an advertiled Jjta two-Sva 
remedy but after advising with one of *y* lt ^ffS 
my medical friends, I gave it a teat. udwB "~> 
The reaalta have been to beneficial in abrmr timm 
my own case I made up my mind to let m*J.;7f Q * „■ 
my friends know about it, and you are <• 
at liberty to publish this atstement if ■< 
you ao desire. Jj 

-"I aaat new aiaty-fiva yeaxa of af a aad n iiow much 
If.el that. reoi«ly which will build urn ion h'. -- 
the slreafthaaal th. pow.r oi J^"*' 
.nduran<j« of a man et any .(. ahomld j... ■>■ 
he kiaown to every aerveoa, run-down, aervosa. 
a«.aaic man. wonaa and child." , whTw« 

Senator Mason's statement in regard lnf ut 
to Nuiated Iron Was shown to several whil. 4. 
phyaicians. who were requested to give ,„ j*™ 
Jietr opinions thereon. ur , w 

Dr. Howard James, late of the Han- ti™ir 
hattan State HospiUl of flew York, and Jj*"jj*i. 
formerly nssiatant physician Brooklyn t„ m , ot dia- 
3tate Haepital said: ', '"S"**.' 

"Senator Mason is to be commended SSLkJf 
on' handing out thia statement on Nux- [, m ,. ; 
ated Irbn for pubttc print. There U J™*** 
nothing like organic- irob— Noxated E?"^ 
[ran— to give increased, jtrertfth, snap, 
vigor, and staying power. It enriches 
the blood, brings roses to the cheeks o( 
MM and is an unfailing seorce of re- i DWI ,ma 
wed vitality, endurance and power baaa ascu.- 
for rben who burn up too rapidly tbeir -JLSlt"^ 
nervous energy in the strenjous strain ^ ain , „, 
of the great business competition of MnaSt. But 

thed, £ l ;. , -^ ' iff-i-H 

Dr. E Sauer. a Boston phjaicisn 
has studied abroad in great European -Mfc 
medical institutions, said: Senator Ma- J^ 
Bon is right, aa I save said a hundred , , „ 
timea over, organic iron is the greatest aav* a t«i 
of all strcn^h buildera.- BSWfl 

"Not long ago a man came to me «] d> umn. 
who waa nearly half a century old and Maura lo 
asked me to give him a preliminary ^J_fiJi 
examination for lite insurance. I was ^J blool „ 
astonished'to find him with the blood ba> cbiu., 
pressure of a boy of twenty and as full ;•■ 
of vigor, vim arid vitality- as a young 
man; in fact, a young man hereally 
waa; notwithstanding his age. The Be- 
sret be said, waa taking organic iron- 
Nuxated Iron Ilad tilled him with re- 
newed life. At thirty he was in bad 
health; at forty-six he waa care-worn 
and nearly all in. Now at fifty, after 
taking Nuxated Iron, , a miracle, of vi- 
tality and his face beaming with the 
bouyaney of youth. ' ' 

ran ia absolutely necessary to enable 
you? bloed to-chan,ge food into living 

me., no --matter how . "j> ib«t .•*>. 

chorwhat you eat.yourfood merely ■"• 

paaaea through you without doing you S& 
".nv oTimi. . You don't aret the streneth tm« 

rTormer United States Sen- 
ator, Win. £. -Mason, re- 
cently elected Member of 
the United State's Congress 
from Illinois. 


toai kicd of. 

• farm 

lattaa. hti flxht fw-th. ivral 
!:■... SaUvan inlm. ami tla 
alroic advocacy'^ all, bUU 
Imvorlnalabar and th. n.h-j 

•lid .n4."«l hiia 1* tha h™rui 
vi Iha amiklu man HI ttir 
mmj WMSSSa of naopla rtiru- 

aunot Ih. nation. Hiaaironn 
«di~»rl°< W.ii«J i™ 
•ii con»ii.c. aar InUtHmrat 
ifiin.i.a r— jl» that It moat 
b. a pr.Mra*ioo of wars vrrtt 
inarit .ml an. whtth Ih. S.™- 
ilor faala ia bnand B b* al 
(mt valo* to th. aaaaal at 
■pool. ««7WllaT. «»■■"» 
ETcobUI not aflord to bud hia 
kam. In It- aanactai 1 * B ' tcr 
,j. utratia idvi.ul of liur. 
oo>and dr« lfa1alau»D. 
SlncaNuiaimllron ha. ab- 

Uin biaca 

rh. ... ttm .on- 

1 potent rmnadjr 

romaor.iBdleBation aai w.n u for 

any good. You don't get tbe strength 

outof it snd»**cor>sequence you be- „ J"'"' 

pale and sickly looking j„ flv , 

just Ilka s plant trying to grow swatdn 


Green has found a sure core for rben- 
tnatiam,'nearalgia, bad cold, headache, 
[rain. ' ia b'nrk asd_ aide, indicestioB, 
aromach and kidaey ailments, enmp- 
cul.c ; an ' exeeHadt praparation for 
douches. These facta are verified by 
many taetimonials of both races. . 

A Rents - wasted everywhere, Tn 
paitievlars, call or write A. B. Green, 
8338 Waataer AM^li'-MH Mo. 

Motto.— DO business with a neigh- 
bor, "heni'ver this ia' possible, but at 
afay rate do basiness with' your own 
race. — American Woodmen. 

Subscribe for 
. Tbe~Argus 

— ^ 



*J \J ♦*• 1 <« ^ 

ifc> Jr 


Mrs. U. IL Colo limtkt sick 

Mr. WeymtS Jefferson, 3863 Cook 
Ate., it oat of-sehool <ra eeconnt of 

illness. ■"• 

WANTED. — Experienced marble ^t 
Wr tt oste. Apply to L. 8. Willisnta 

Mr*, Mary Newsome, of *212* Fair- 

fai Ave., li ill it the hospital from on 

Miss Ethel Elders, of Milan, Tenn. 
it visiting hit alitor, Mrs. Emma Brad 
ford, of- S31 W. Cabanae Ct, 

The T. If. C. Club met with Mr. ud 
Obio II. Beynaud, 3319 Arsenal 
Hurday, May £6. 

Min Msreartt Stewart, 4143 Cottage 
Ave., is quite ill:. Miss Stewart U a 

teacher in Simmons Befool, also one of 
it a ^>hende1mea. 

Mrs. Jbb. H. B. Evans,. *277 Cote 
Brilliants, will be hostess to the Fran 
Freua the ensuing week. 

Mra W. T. Tyler and little daughter, 
of 4033 Writ Belle, are the guests of 
relative* in Sparta, 111. 

■ Mix Untie Lenoria, of 3209 Law- 
ton Ave., who has been indisposed for 
fro weeks, is able to be out again. 

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Bhcafa and 
daughter, of Washington, D. C; arc 
■topping at the home of Mrs. 8. A. 
Humphrey. IBlfi Goods Ave. 

The Community Whist, a club of 
ladies, entertained their husbands with 
a whist and dance at the residence of 
Mr. and lint. G. C. Thomas. 4256 Cote 
Brilliants, Tuesday, May' 29. 

Mir. and Mrs. Poster Long, 41 10 Fin- 
ney Ave„ Entertained New- Orleans 
Ja*s Band, last Tnceday evening. All 
expressed themselves ns having, had a 
pleasant time" 

Mine Ardell O. Edwards, af 2205 
Marker St.. left Tuesday evening to 
visit friends at Sedalia; Mo. Miss Ed- 
ward* will return in two weeks. 

Dr. W. W. Stanglin. of Chicago. Til., 
was the guest of Mis* flfeorgla' Wheat- 
ley, but Saturday. Dr. Stangtin de- 
parted for New York City, Saturday 
evening, where be will be the gnest of 
relative* and friends. - 

Everybody is going t.o the opening 
of the No Name Dancing Academy at 
Donglasa Hall, Wednesday evening, 
June 13. 1917. .15.00' will be given 
.away. Admission, 25c. 

Min LanraE: Robard. nf 2340 Mar- 
ket St.. entertained a. dinner- party at 
the Douglass. Cafe, Sunday evening. 
The guests were as follow*; Mr. An- 
drew J. William*, guest of honor. Mr. 
Walter Nicholson, of Nashville, Tenn.. 
and Mini Mildred Waihinfrtnn, of this 
city. After enjoying the show at the 
'Booker Washington, Mr. Williams de- 
parted for Sashville, Tenn. ' 

Banneker School desires to 'thank her 
many friends who read the. "Living 
Magazine, "' May 11. The receipts 
were 1170.00; expenses, 121.85; bal- 
ance, 1148.00. A typewriter, vietrola, 
adding machine, doll house and paper 
eutter have been ordered for the 
school; and the balance is in Jeffer- 
son Bank nf the aehoot. 

The Wohian's Auxiliary to the Sev- 
en Church Baptist Anion will hold 
their meeting at the North Galileo Bap- 
tist Church, 2414 N. ^LofHnirwell Ave. 
We extend to the many readers of the 

WASTED,— Tpst airs' with someone, 
between 4300 and 4400 on .West Belle 
'Call at 4009 Wert Belle. (7-1-4.)-' 

.Mr. Harry Cloyd, 4047 Wart, Belle, 
U the guest of relatives la Nashville. 

" "The. Twelve Knights' met in their 
regular monthly meeting Saturday, 
May Sfl. .Mr. Geo. Claxou, of Cote Bril- 
liant*. Ave. mi the host. 

Mrs. Bath Rowland Wheeler and her 
aunt, Mrs. Mamie Stewart, are visit- 
ing Mrs. Geo, Lenspkin* and Mrs. K. 

B. Wilson. 

Mr. Wmi Jones, brother of Mrs. 6. 
T. Wiley, died suddenly Wednesday 
evening, May 30. Funeral, Saturday, 
June . 1, from Berea Presbyterian 
Church, at 1:00 p.m. ., 

Mr. Udell Bandera. went to Kansas 
City, a few days ago to take Hf, State 
Board examination for embalming and 
was successful in passing. He was in- 
structed by O. L. Watson, of SSB2Q Law- 
ton Ave. -, 

Mr, and Mm J. B. Haniao 
t .-lined with a midnight 
unlay night, May 26, in honor of -Mrs. 
Ford, of Kansas City, who is visiting 
hero. Ths gueets report a delightful 

The "Eight Cook Club" met with 
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Smith, 4386 W. 
Belle, Monday .evening, May 28. Mr 
J. A. K. Fieklin was the invited guest. 
A very elaborate "Dnteh" luncheon 
wns served. 

Mrs. Mag Garrett, widow of the late 
Kiziqnc W. Garrett, will leave St. Lou- 
is about June 10 to-visit friends. and 
relatives in Iowa,' Kansas, Oklahoma 
and Colorado. Her many friends wish 
her a pleasant trip, and hope that her 1 
health may be greatly improved by the 
change. ' 

The Ladies' Guild, of All Saints 
Parish .entertained on the evening of 
Thprsdav, Mav 31 at the residence of 
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Houstin, 3955 West 
Belle, A very enjoyable" evening was 

The Aristotle Social Club met at the 
residence of Mrs. Cannon, of 3129 MnK 
nico PI, Wednesday, May 25,- in/ a 
business meeting. Thefe Were scleral 
new members.' who" joined the club, 
namelv: Mesdampa Johnn, Stewart and 
Can. The next met tine win be June 2. 

Mr. 1.. 8. Lombard, president of the 
Lombard Toilet Co, 2834 Lawton Ave, 
spent Saturday and Sunday at Chicago, 
special guest of Miss Laura Qrecne. 
of 9357 LaSalle St. He was also the 
guest of hti' cousin, Miss Rosa l.irai- 
bard, of '3567 Forest Ave. He' reports 
having had a very pleassjft lime. 

The LtOuvertnre Whist Club, had the 
first meeting of' the seison at the home 
of the president, Mrs. Blanche Bop- 
son, 2812 Lawton Ave, Me? 15. The 
tablo was beautifully decorated in eat 
flowers. The hostess served ue boun- 
tifully with a delightful luncheon. All 
expressf.1 themselves as having had a 
delightful time. 

Miss Effle Turner, of £103 Walnut, 
gave 'X birthday Inncheoo' in .hohor of 
Mr. Harry Inman, of Galveston,. Texas: 
An elaborate lurch was served, and the 
evening- was spent in dancing and 
whist. Those present were: Messrs. 
J. W. Hamilton and E-'Mocteu, of Ft 
Worth, Texas, Messrs. A. Green an 
G. W. Dunn, 'of San Antonio. Texas. 
W. Jordan, .of El Paso, Texas, K. L. 
Kulp, of .Galveston. Texas, Misses 
Daisy Howard. Willa Dorsey, Bertha 
Argus a cordial invitation to moeUWelsh. Willa Beachew. and 3s5~' 
with us. We are soliciting volunteer*!"! 
for tho -army of God and- we want 
everv sister to enlist- 1 . A very inter- 
.esting program will be Tendered -Sun- 
day. Jnne 3. Mrs. A. Hall, president; 
ifrr. B. Cooper, secretary. 

' The L'Onverture whist Club met at 
the residence of. Mrs. Marie Hawkins, 
of 3024 Lawton Ave, Tuesday evening, 
Mav 29, with a K lar(re number, of mem 
bfrr* present. 

After the regular business, the eve- sermc 
ning was spent, in pb>ying whist. Tfc» liable 

■safble wsj> beautifully decorated with "*" 
fems and cut flnwerSj A delightful 

: seven- course bin eh eon/ was served by 

.the hostess. Mrs. Hawkins. - 

We were'glad to hnve-the member- 
ship of Miss Louie Grady, Mr. John 
White, and Mr. Mile*. 

£ The next meeting will be with Mrs. 

*JSme Chandler. Ton x. Esjing.' 

: Mrs. Blanchf Hopson, prewdenr; 

^frs. MeDaniel: -vice-president; Mrs. 
Jennie Pitts, secretary; Dr. J. W..Mc- 
CTellan. Measurer. 

The mernbe'n of the -eluh were very 
glad, te welcome as visilors Mr. A. J- 
PiacBer. Mr.ftufu* Selbv, Miss Lottie 
Gradr, New York, DT. E. J, Pauth, M»- 

■ cob, if«- -Mr. Eddie OTonaor. Sew 
OileanV Mist Beulah M- ^rXJtt. LoaU- 
i«,a. Iwa, Mr." Bush O'Connor aad 
Miss Agaes Btakery- , 

The U. B. T. and 6- M. T. had4heir 
annual sermon preached' at St. Paul 
A. at E. Church Sunday. May 28. ,T*e 
chiireh was cro-n^Jd to the utmost ca- 
pacity. Mrs. J. T. Castnn. grand sec- 
retary of the state, delivere^d -one ;of 
the sSSst eloquent speeches,' which left 
a deep "impression upon' that vast itl; 
diencc. Capt. C. H. Tandy, past grand 
Mil II | of.TJ. B. F.. was master of chtF-. 
monies, and after .going through 'the 
ceremonies of tHe OTder. introduced Dr- 
J. T.' Caston, who delivered the annonl 
sermon. Dr. Castoa! gave some val- 
formation of the general order. 

S'ietv donated to St. Paul Church 
oir'«S4. . ' 

The Miscellaneous Cmb held their 
regular monthly meeting, at- the Tesi- 
dencr-of Mrs. C, Chapman, of 4323 W. 
Belle-. .After roll call the members pro- 
ceeded to their work. A dainty lunch- 
eon was served by 'the hostess, and 
ipaoh member responded with a quota- 
tion before eating. 'Each: -member was 
presented with. a bunch' of sweet pea*. 
Mrs. Ootdie was guest of honor. On 
adjourning, everyone expressed himself 
Bajjavint/had'.a delightful time. The-. 
next meeting wilt be' held, at the res- 
idence of Mr*. H. Dunbar, 4273 W. 
Garfield Ave. Mrs. C U. Tyler, "pree- 
iilent; Mrs. F. Jones, trramrrr; Hn. 
H. Duabar, aeeretary; Mrs. B. O. Diek- 
ersoa, rsynrter. 

TH1 ST LOOM ^008 

Mrs essxaa) Waltosi' ^**^*"" U 

home spending ■ 'few days with her 
another, Mrs. Elaori WUton, of 42M 
North Market St. 

Mrs. M. J, Turner, of 314S Pine, re 
turned to ker home from the hospital 
May 23, and is slowly recovering. 

See the New Dance" Craxe at Doug 

lass Hall Wednesday evening, June 13 
Ed. Ivory ajid Jceao J. Johnson, in 
.00 given away. 

Kr. Dan Cook, Jr., 4508 W. Pine, 
was taken vary ill with appendicitis, 
and had an opaastidn performed for 
the same a few day* ago. 

ltr. Virgil Fain, of 4104 West Belle 

was slightly injured Sunday at hii 
work. , 

Meet all your friends at the .Opening 
of the No Name Dancing Academy, at 
Douglass Hall, Wednesday evening, 
Jnne 13, 1S17. Admission, 2,1c. 

Prudenc Crandle Club 

The club met . at the residence of 
Miss-O. I. Dickson, 2751 Walnut St. 
Plana were laid for the June .open 
meeting at OTallon Park, at which 
time the elnb is expecting to. enter- 
tain its friends jo ■ very unique man- 

On account of the death of her sis- 
ter, Mrs. Bowles was unable to enter- 
tain the olub. 

The program committee is beginning 
to plan our next year's work. We 
havo closed a most successful, year 
emon£ onr "American Author?'. '■' 
'Opon meeting June 18 at O'Falloh 


Officers for. next year: Miss G. T. 
Dickson, president; Miss Nellie Greene, 
vice president; Miss J. li. Davis, sec- 
retary; Miss jr : V. Campbell, assist- 
ant secretary; -Miss J. Thomas, treas- 
urer; Miss J. Banks, chairman program 


Louis Wade 1125 Brooklyn 

Mm. Lillie Howard .1125 Brooklyn 

Henry Davis ..E. Carondelet, Mo. 

lira Cleniio Perry. .225 Parry 

Chas. Grathouse 8310* Morgan 

Jennie Budy 1716 Morgan 

Luther Dimmit Thomas. ..3129a Adams 

Cynthia Coleman 31j&» Adams 

Walter P. Anderson. .E. St. Louis, IU. 
Bemora Taylor. .... .E. St. Louie, III. 

James H. Emunel 4230 W. Garfield 

Hattie B. Boyce... 3727 Hickory 

John Briggs) 3032 Fairfax 

Maggie Gallon...-. ..3938 Fairfax 

Fster Walton 2019 Waah 

Argatba Bhodcs , £339 Wish 

Lawrence Hudson... .10 8. Slat 

Caroline Arnett - .10 S. -21at 

Lucian 11. Arthur 521 8. 23rd 

Hinnie Lee Boone..... 521 s. £3rd 

Arville Shivers 4107 Finney 

Emma Haines... :'.llll N. Sarah 

Bam Holt '..... .919 N. Ewing 

Addlo L. Green..... ,2715 Lucaa 

Sobert Smith Ill S. Leonard 

Carrie May Harris :2747 Market 

Win. Chambers 4104 Finney 

Eva Moulton 4102 Cook 

Moses Boatwright^laiyland Hg'ts, Mo. 
Juauita Madison Elm wood Pk, Mo. 


The snnanl sermon of the V. II. F. 
and 8. M. T. will bo prenche.1 Pnndny 
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, at Corin- 
thian Baptist Church. Everybody wel- 
come. . .Messrs. Oscar Brown and Hen- 
ry Carter nro home for their vacation, 
after finishing n sueeeesful school year 

teaching Mrs. Lucy Brown and 

Mlssca Maybelle Terr.* and Ada Mc- 
Field were visitors at Fcstus and Crys- 
tal City last week The rally nf the 

Corinthian Baptist Church, to have 
been on the flrst Sunday in June, has 
been postponed to Jnne 17. ..-.A. large 
crowd witnessed tho play, "flabtonn 
Convention," which was n. decided wir- 
cess. It was a rare treat to bear the 
choir of male voices, sing those old-time 

jnbilee songs. The stork pnsscd 

through onr'fWn, leaving *n baby girl 
at tho residence of .Mrs. Viola Allen, 
of Eiler St:.. Literary meets each Fri; 
day night at the Corinthian Baptist 
Church. Mrs. Isaac Bates, president. 


Big bargain in S-iruom house, in 3600 
block Cook Avenue. See me — Hutehins 
Inge, Douglas HoteL 

NOTICE ~~~ —, 

Anyono knowing the whereabouts nf 
Alberta Anna. Taylor, who Was flrr- 
suadsd away from hom> by William 
O. Johnson, better known an Budy 
Johnson, who promised to marry ber. 
who has now' gone to Flint, Michigan- 
Anyone, who can give' any information 
regarding the above, please do sri. 
Notify her godmother, Mrs. Belle John- 
son, of 2816 Laeledn Ave.; Capt. Hess, 
of the Laclede Police Station, or Argus 
Publishing Co. 

Orpheus Academy 

Boat Excursion 

Tbe aanual boat excursion of the 
Slow Orpheus Academy 'will bo given 
on the palatial atenmer Grey Eagle, 
Monday evening, June 25. That the 
affair wild, bo tho aoeial event of the 
noting season can bejuilged by the past 
popular river trips girth under the aus- 
pices of thia' famous acadehiy. Mem- 
bers of the committee arc: Sunny R. 
Nelson, chairman; -ilaurico A. Grant, 
Joseph W. Williamson, Andrew V. 
if, Jas. W: Grant, manager. 

Patriotic Parade 

June' 5 has been declared a general 
holiday throughout the state of Mis- 
aouri by a proclamation from' Governor 
Gardner. *"-,., 

A large patriotic parade will be a 
special feature in St. Louis. All civie 
and fraternal organisations are ex- 
pected to take part ia this parade 

Mr. Tetam, 8ee"y of the. Nat % Secur- 
ity : Leagne, with offices in the LaSalle 
Building, says that those organizations 
wbo desire to taka part should com- 
municate- with, him and arrangemeots 
will be made for.thnh. Tbe services nf 
ban-la to furnish music- will be needed. 

We are authorised to. say that the 
Colored people will' be accorded due 
courtesy and that lwpxeeentntivB nam 
bera are .eipec'fcd to turn out 

Doa't stand >PB the corner and see 
your friends go by. Get is the game! 
Join the Uniform Bank. Any company 
is what you make it. Pytkjaa Co. A. 
offer* yon ipeeisj iBdneemeats, See 

Capt, Gireas any -night at" Pythian 


Hrl.n Page, IBUB Lucas, .1. 
Gladys Williams, :l3Jlf Wash, il mos. 
Clandie Bcnnoit, 422*5 Fairfaa, 22. 
Win. B. Harrington, :t417. Pine'. 51. 
Beneta Shelly, 3141i Laclede; 39. 
Julia Kennedy, 4556 N. Market, 39. 
Bom Harrison,' 1519 Sulphur, 40. 
Samuel Johnson, Broxiklyn, 111.,' 70. 
Louise Larence, Clayton, Mo., :i days. 
Isal.ella Curler, 1736, N. 12tb 1. 
Wm. Adams, Cilv llospitai; 47. 
Nnnnaii H. Johnston, 272rl Hickory, 26. 
Stella Mays. 21112 Mills, .10. 
Pining Ba«kelt.- 2227 Lucas, , r )K. , 
Sherman Briscoe, 5320 Northrup, 4. 
Lulu Hrn-fn. 2727 .Mills, 57. 
Euinin Davis, 2217 ehestaut, 36. 
Edniird Cook, 114 Johnson, 9. 
Curtis H"«ard, 1715 Linden, 13. 
jBfkiwn I'ill". 133(1 Morgan, -Ifi. 
Cliii-. Sin laid, 2IH17 Lawton, 22. 


Willie Jones, 22 years old, dropped 
dead Wednesday night at the Comet 
Qdenn while attending a picture show. 
Mr. Jones bore tho reputation of being 
an honest' and industrious young man. 
He is tbe brother-in-law of Rev. Samuel 
B. Wallace, a former secretary of the Y: 
M. C; A. Funeral service will be held 
fronl Berea Presbyterian Church, nf 
which ho wns a member and president 
of the C. E. League. • 


We wish to extend our sincere 
thanks to out many friends, and se- 
peeially the pupils of Simmons School. 
Boon No. 14, and' Miss Jtobinson. 
teacher, for /their kindness and sym- 
pathy showB^us'in the sad. bereave 
ment in thsrloss of our dear son and 
cousin, Wilbert Batps. who departed 
this life May .14, 1317; nJso for the 
many beautiful floral designs'.! 

(Signed) Mr. and Mrs. 1 Bates, par 
ents; Mrs. M., Cabell, grandniolher: 
Mrs. P. Jones, cousin. 


4107- rtnney An. 




In answer lo the Inquiry nf two 
groups of our women nnd several in- 
dividuals n*o have staled, ihrir will 
in'gness to share In the Red Cross sew- 
.ng, Miss Belcher. ,.f tJie Wbeatley 
Hraneh, was called jnro conference with 
Mrs. Hammer, who is in eharp> of the 
si',. Louis Chapter of Red Cross work. 
The, readiaess'Of our women to make 
ilieir eontribntion to the cJiiinlry's need 
in this lime off great eaafgeney was 
made'knnnn t" the lied Cross Chap- 
lei by Mrs. John W.. I>ay' and Mrs. 
1'n Wolff nnd was highly appreciated 
ly the chapter. 

Mrs. llsmmer staled that plans 
woujd be made tu open a Red Cross 
iirerich Vor sewing at the Wheatley 
lirancb. nf the Vntinjr Women a Chris- 
inn .' .Assivigitios), and. ml garments 
wnnld be sent (o be ninde, as is lieing 
3mm at the other Red Cms.* Ilranehes. 
Lvery niiman who earl do good sewing 
nnd is wiljing. t'oholp in.tiis wnrk 
■liould make it known at one" nt tho 
Y. W-.-C.'A. Branch. We are in -need 
"f seven' "trong, aetWs wojiien To be- 
fl"me lenders and have i/i charge, th* 
i-maps f..r different .lavs in tho wesjt. 
Tessfwan will be furnished. ' 

Mrs. •Hammer e j f U t as sW d in. forceful 
and touching langiiaj;e her hope (bat 
i>" one widd enter upon tjiis work as 
:. fad. for it had become a matter of. 

r ishedito Ihe front with'mit the proper 

■ Nothing, and equipmenti and This one 
'■Hog the women ahniili] look, apnn It 

■ -sacred dutr. 

■ kel. 

reasonably.- Anto da- 
Call Lindell 4054; Del- 
Bessie Page, . Propri- 
Bhoda, Manager. 
«£M St. FerdiBaad Ave. '.. 


ISI1 Bear 
Cbartes T. 

The Slaughter System 

' ' FOR 



System taught by mail or at College 

For further infr matin, write the 


Saint Louis, 



We also guarantee that 
the teeth will not be con- 
tinua I Ij breaking off. 


O... Child'. ... Riiunut ai Oll<> 

Ilrntl.i Willi i.n Vuu Eur. Tim* 

Agents wanted 

4,'IW in it \ P" »Mk made selling PROF. KELIV MtLER'S new PROGRESS 
3,10 IU *W« Of GOtORlD PtOPU. leachers. studenls, iHi or female., 
ministers, vrUom. married women, anyone wtlfa spare lime can make- H. per hour. 

li tf»l>*J) bsys. N't esi) Is Ml. rVrlle ler Irrsu sad (aim si oau. sit tsas). 

Austin Jenkins. Co., F. St. Washington. D. C. 

LOST.— A purplo oslrieh boa, at or. 

or tba eorcer uf Comptoo and Olive. 

Mtnikv nigtil, Mav £1. Finder will 

please rota rn same to Mrs. W. C, Mai 

ell. t2S8 Lue>7." or Marwell's Btuoio, 

2607 I-awton, and receive reward. 


osi hsir on liald beads In thirtr 
, at monoT refunded. Write 
Franeis Baher. the. scalp speeialisti 020 
South Trinity St., Meilro, Mo. 

Britk cottages itft Flrcnnlsvillo, .on 
mpntbls- .payments.^ Cfreat bargains.' If 
ue -in tbe market, see me at obbs. 
.Huteklns Inge, 
Douglass Hotel Building, SMS Lawion 

We Buy and Sell, Pups, 
Canaries, Parrots,.Etw. 

Call or write 
New Bird and Dog Store 
Olive' SI. St. Louia 


If you waat a home eooksd. Sunday 
dianer, stop at Swaaa Candy Kiteben. 
We aers« lunch daily. Dinner evrrr 


Ohaaffeura and -antoinobils owners 
siay .obtain application earda' tqi 
lioslss from Attorney Qeo. L. Vaughn, 
N-.ts.rr Publie: S.t36 Market 'Ht. 
Bo'mont IU4, Central 83T1. 

' Mr. Jaa, » Ccant ajll „tv: Itil -\n 
iu;il |«rtT: I" Ihe irradliants -iiS-^fhi 
in." etaases M Friday nT th- wL.-k fol 

Madam Ji K. AodeMMin -bas" moved to 
ber new quarters; wbere'-she 
pleased to have her friends and cufr 
toilers calL 3301 l*wton v A^e. 
1'bone; fsonmnt 1114. . .. 

\ Mlin Fine M 

Esery Sunday eveAiag-. ' N'-« man- 
agameat. Janes I.. Hall' and JamsM 
White, successors to Prof. J. C. Larks 
Mosie by Academy Orahestra-^ Lskdiea 
aamitted -free. OanU, '-IJ een'ta. AD 
weleosaa. . 

$5,00 FREE 

pi- sella for sals in my braash 

prices ae onn can braL Am 
lag' a specially of eiehangtng 

fo>' |il*»er pianos and allow- 
■ for your upright than any 
iff in Ibe ■■.i-.- My busiAsaa 
,- ,-:■■, i:.y Here are some bs- 

i. f..r Mar that will- rock any" 
■in. Uprights 135 to IG0«; 
• W([ |o ' I '■'■"'. in order to uisks 
t aew stock mming from onr 

'•irleitep me you pay the issn- 

C. B. Watkini.' 

thin, short, fslling 
it delay hi 
be enniinced at Madam 
4Ul<lnning Parlor, *2U Finney. 
Lindell 30S2, 

Mflv.-nii-.n years of honest- upright 
mines* has -on for me maay'eBStaa- 
rs and friends. Dr. WTIUasa Knight, 
is jeweler. 2335 Market &t 


Why Jesos never marriydf/ Taer* 
is a reason. Send tea cents ia stamps) 
for booklet Alio Truth About the 
Bible, fJ.0Q: Seialogy of the Bible, 
K-M; Wb.j Jeiu Win Mu *ad Vet 
a Wodaa, J2.00. By Sidney C. Taasa, 
406 Reliance Bid,., Caaaaa City, Uo 

.--'■ ..- ■ .■■ ■-. ■ 
■ '■--'-'. 



Negro Business 


^ ywy j UHIiJaMBJ<« * * "" "W 



Personal, Business and Pro- 
fessional Cards, Business 
Chances. For* Sale or Rent 
Houses, Stores, Flats, 5c per 
line: minimum 15c. 

Help Wanted, Situations Want- 
ed, For Bent Rooms. Rooms 
and Board, 5c per line; mini- 
mum 15c, 

Display A 1- 50c per inch 
Special Rates ■ ■r-4-time Ads. 


Tuner, Repairer and Finisher 

of Pianos R«ed anid Pipe Organ 

Expert Work Guaranteed. 

ILidiuw, V. M. C A. IiIIIm 

•;S Lawtori Ave. St. Louis, 


Sign Pllr.ter and Interior Decorator 

, First Class Werk. 

Prices Seasonable 

S138 Fmlr Avenue. " 


The old Picket itora, Jefferson and 
Lawton At*l Cat nU pries*. Ttli 
Mors ii often imitated, but uw 

tqusled. , M 


ror sal* » beautiful lot 60x180, wlW 
e cU* three-room house, eellar, mltr io 
Souse, gas, end good eastern water on 
the outside, two poiohe* on. north and 
sooth side*. OruitoLd in front, u«J 
Gonrt Houe. Worth 12,200, ran be 
(.ought for 11,800 cub. Call' ul In- 
ipeel, 123 Bonhomme ATI. ipplj *t 
ViBT Bonhonme An, Clayton, lis. Alk 
tor l)ui.l While. (6-18) 

KlUt UKNT: ■Wr~'»s" flow 

ffont nod 

third rlmii Bjiddlf room, r 

i-tttlv lur- 

aistard. 4032 W. Ildk- I'ti 

C*. l'hoiie 

Limi>-!1 isSUi. 


FOB BENT.— Neatly furnished room, 
Io gentleman. ufily. All ™d«ra con- 
venience. 192-1 OUoJo Ave., phone, Lin 
dell 1813ft -' ("-"5-4) 

POK RENT.^Nsslly furnUbtd ronir 
with ill modern con Ten i en cot. Than. 
Lindell 2301 W. 4319 Cote Brilliente. 

FOB BENT. — Furnished rooma wit 
.uJoro conveniences. Ladles or gel 
emen. Apply 4308 Weat Belle PL 


Baal gold-llled eykgiaaeaa for only 
one dollar Money beck If yon want 
Bale Monday and Tuesday al 
Harry O. Dong-las*, Prescription Drag- 
gilt Quality aad fJeVriee Store, 1400 
North Pendleton .A venae. 

mllr Mil yon th* genuine 
gold-filled eyeglsise* or speatael* 
frame*, guaranteed to assay 1-lOtn IS 
karat gold filled, aid to wear for tea 
year*. Hicilar glss— * ei**whera, (3.90 
With these frame* ia a pair of oni 
genuine p-eriaco pie crystal 1 on ie*. fitted 
free by our espert optloian, who haa 
bad yean of experience in fitting 
For only one dollar. Special 
eiira. - 13.50 rimless glum, 
KM; »5.00 blfoeals, two pain in on. 
for 83.00. Similar glaai 

H-W and te.oo. 

FOB RENT.— Neatly furnished 
rooms; hot water, gas and bath, 32Q8* 
Lucas Ave. . (518-1) 

FOB RENT. — Quag* for two ma- 
ekiaes at MTS Weat Bella PL 'Inquire 

at 1183 Wert J|all»M. . . 

FOR' BENT.— Neatly" forniahod 
rooma to - two Christian gentlemen. 
Prioea .reasonable- Address Box 25, 
Argua 1 office. . "* • 

FOB BENT.— Furnished or unfur- 
niahod rooma in first class neighbor- 
hood, 'convenient to car linij. 3210 
Lucas" Ave. l';5-18.) 


!, ivith all 
ie' Forest 

FOR KENT.— A n en tit 
room for couple or (jrntleru 

FOR SAL!'.: iVanliful twii stnry an- 
room, house, two balls. Lot 102 by. 
'310. Will divide lot. itra. Chas. 
Powell. 239 T,. "Ave., Webster 
Groves, Ho. "43?-) 

FOR KF.NT.— a pertly (antiahed 
room in a private family. AH mod- 
ern conveniences 4430 West Belle, 

■ •■ ■ ... .. s-tft 

rooms: modern cm 
12f10 Lueay. Mrs; 1 


FOR RENT.— N» all v (nrauaM'roel 
for. reepectahle' eouple' or two gejii 
men. All eon'vemeorn. Apply 40.-, 
Cook Ave— Ho, Tlickman. (5 4 i 

FOR RENT.— Two adjoiniBg 'n»r 
forniahed or nnfurnisbetl,' 3037 fi 
Avenne. 5-U-4 

WANTED.— Two girl*, experience* 1 
ia.halr draarthg. Alio two girls tt 
learn. Pay wliile Inminej. - Mi-- E 
Slaogbtar 'Oamble. '3001 Lawv-a. St 
Loni*. M*. / 

WASTaTi.- Four inteUifont y 
nun' to represent the Argo*. A. good 
propoaition.. See Mr Bnek 8*tnrd*y 

Mm*. Oalhon*, bair ajaaaialirt, a*ST 
L«wtOB, 3f offering rpecia] Isrhaeoel 
In- all' ww iMtjeaa, Pbon*. Bo 


Odd Fc-low." Hall 2923 yor»*ti 
Street. Newly -decorated lodge 
.in fit* aad reception hall for rest. 
"jail ial .attention to private recep- 
tion*. Rent very reasonable. Sen 
Janitor or call the secretary's Oance. 
Ph one. Dalotar 42991^ ■ 

.A. W. Wood 



censed and bo ruled, electrical 
contrtctor. We will wire your old 
,cw Iioujc and furniih yon fix- 
ture* and give yoii in month* to oot 
year to pay for it. Fans rented, sold 
and repaired. 

"The roac i* red. 

The violet* an blae. , 

I need your work S 

Aod oiheri do too." 

The Federal Gov- 
ernment was form- 
ed by tha Uilrttea 
colonle* ai press is 
for the purpoen of 
smabllng tbem to 
make . a common 
defenss. It be- 
came a . defenalva 
union. Under tlio 
Conitltntloo ithe 
Federal ' Govern- 
tueut "not uu ■ ' 
guaranteed each 
Sute ngalnat Jnu- 
alon.bul It forbade each to maintain 
"troops or ahlps'of war." eicept with 
tb.e coneeat of tba Federal Govern- 

Thus, tbp S ta tee surrendered into 
the hands of. the Federal Government 
the function of their defense, and in 
return tlio Federal Government guar- 
anteed to each State aecurlty from 
inva*lon or. lniurrectlon. 
To make good Its guarantee or 

UBCurity, Congrees, in 17B2, enacte.1 
lat all able-bodied male cltliena, be- 
tween the egen of 13 and IB. ahould 
constitute the military forcea of the 
nation, and It made each liable to 
military ^service within the confines 
of the United Stales. This itlll Is 
the Taw. as peroral of Section GT of 
the Art of June 3rd, 1916, will show. 
In order that universal liability, to 
aervlce ehould be made effective. Con- 
gress, under the law of 11B6. ree rote ted 
ID I90S, and widened In laifl to In- 
clude the National Guard and 'Its 
reserve, gave to the ' President, the 
power to call for aervlce Ihe entire 
male cillianrr or military- age and 
fftneaa' In the event' of Invasion, or 
ItmurTection. This power the Presi- 
dent may exercise without further act 
of Congresa » ' 

□afsna* a Federal Function 
Thua, the Federal Government was 
created tor 'the military pnrpoae of 
defending the States. Ita President 
was made Commauder-ln-<?b!et of the 
army and navy, Its first president itan 


Whan at New York City visit tn* 

Oman's Exchange and Beauty Parlor. 

130 W. 132nd St. Una R. 3. Fields 

Voting. Prop. ' 'rnu M- lire. - 


team and Hot Water Radiator 

A Specialty. All Kinds of 

titovce Repaired. Call . . . 

F, M. Pasche.ll 

43H-a l/ucky ' St. Louis, Mo 


I* (till «t 

Z117 Market St. 

ree Consultation and F.s agination 
Hours: 9:30 a m. to *:30 p. m. 



4233 ts.lon Ave. 


Spirit Medium 

nHWks^lainilWInidiswana eUs* 
"[iJJjjN -a.. !<■ -Ul ~m. ud mart 

Universal Service Not New 

We Have Had the Law For Over a Century 
---Military Training a FLmshing Course in 
. the Education of Young Men. ^ 

By HENRY A. WT3E WOOD, Chairmsn, 
Conference Committee ou National PranarsdnMa 

a military man. and Ba cltlxena of 
proper age aod Atneaa were bound 
each to flgM In the common defense 
It will therefore be eeen that at root 
we are essentially ,a military nation. 
In the democratic aeqse.of the phnae. 
and that ■ we are subject, today as 
, ever, to compulsory military service 
J within our.pwn territory, upon call 
Of the Co mmander-lp -Chief. "' " 

This Is a anfllclent answer to those 
who claim that. In our making- the 
necessary modern, prepare! lone fof de- 
fense^ we are departing from non- 
mllltary traditions, to become, a mili- 
taristic people. 

While the Act of 1792 made every 
man of military are and fltnesi liable 
to' Federal military iervlce. It dele- 
gated to tfie several States the mili- 
tary organliatlon of these men, and 
It granted to Ihe Sin tea tha power 
to make, exemptions. 

The hkttory of New York, whleh Ie 
In this respect ssbstant tally that of 
all the States. . I Ilusirates how. badly 
(be States fulfilled the military duties 
laid upon them by the Federal Govern- 
ment. In New York there was' at Bret 
an annual enrollment. En lS4n the 
Legislature granted exemption from 
military duty to everyone upon pay- 
ment of a fe» of TS cents a year. 
Enrollment* wpr<- then made to oc- 
cur bjanniiany: heit. (fi occur al "Very 
fifth year, .mi! finally, enrollment! 
were to be had," only upon call o" the 
Governor ', No Governor. I believe, 
ever has cailcri an enrollment. Mean- 
while, the. n on -service tax was' re- 
duced (o 50 rents, and shortly there- 
after It .was abandoned. Thus died 
the Federal. Militia, which had been 
created Tor t the- National defense! 

Vrotest Apalnat- Military LaxltyJ - 

During the^dnlln.tegratlon of - the 
Federal militia a ■ volunteer force) 
sprang up. aa a protest against the 
military laxjty of the authorities. This 
force waa accepted and aubBldlied. try 
the States, and became, what Is' .known 
as the National Guard. Having no 
atandlng under the Federal law the 
guard waa a body- wholly local b 
character, and was not recogntied by 
the Federal Government, until earljr 
In the present' century. 

The Conetliutlon. while forbldilng 
the Btatee to maintain troop* or ships 
of, war. (without the consent of Con- 
greaa) had- bound, the Federal Govern- 

ment to defend tha State* from In- 
vasion, and the Federal Government, 
In I7S2., had provided the national 
force sjfaady described to carry out 
this, purpose. But this force, aa we 
have seen, the States have permitted 
to die: and In it* stead each had era 
ated for Its protection a little army 
of Its own, called a National Guard, 
and' In ao doing had taken over from 
the Federal Government 'Its own de- 
fense, to be maintained at It* own 
coat, and had .anamed also the duty 
□f defending the Federal Government 
Tliui bad the Federal Government and 
the State* exchanged place*, in their 
military relationship. 

.The conaeqnences of this snrrender 
of military power by the Nation are 
now eeen to be exceedingly haanrdooa 
to the national welfare, to be nearly 
insupportable hy ton States, on ac- 
count of tbo ■ heavy financial burden s 
involved, and to he Inequitable to 
those' Mo compose these little State 
armies. There "Is therefore eubatan- 
tl*l agreement among all who have 
studied the inbject that there mast 
be brought about (be Immediate adop- 
tion of a broad and equitable military 
system which shall be wholly national 
In character. 

Democratle Military Structure. 

Aa the foundation of such a ayatem 
already exists in the Federal law. ha 
ha* "been shown above, It remains only 
for the nation to build upon that foun- 
dation a modern democratic military 
structure,, and ta. remove such Lagli- 
laturn's reatrlctlon* as prevent the 
compulsion of every man! at military 
age and fitness to serve beyond the 
borders of the United States— In 
Mexico, for instance, ft need should 
there arise — as he must "bow serve 
within hi* own territory. 

Universal liability to military aarv- 
Ica being fixed In the law. th* anartlon 
now arises, shall w* ' sot train our 
young men tn such a manner that 
they will be the mora able to per- 
form effectively the pstrlotlc duty 
which the law hat bound upon them. 
with- the maximum of comfort and 

safety for themselveat - / - 

The education of a youth to become 
a literate and uavful cltlaen already 
la compulsory. Modern condition* of 
life demand that he ihall be nude 
*lso highly efficient ' In phyaique, 
morale and dlaofallna. And th* se- 
curity of the nation' requires that he 
shall be taught to perform, with ease 
and precision, .on- rand or sea. the 
military service the law^and -national 
security demand of hfm. 

Experience and Intelligent observa- 
tion hav* shown that this, training 
should be given not later than when 
the yonth closes hi* common school 
career. 1 - »nd that tt should be treated 
** a Jfiahlng course in pbyelcal de- 
velopment, character building; tke 
military sciences, and patriotism, j 
Merely Education* I .Extension. 

Thus, universal military or naval 
training ahould be treated merely as 
an extension or a youth'* customary 
course of studies, and It should he 
given blm at the expense of the Fed- 
eral Government, to whom he owee 
allegiance. With his' clothing. Iraep. 
and instruction furnished him gratl*, 
his parents will be relieved erf uti 
cost of maintenance during hla , train- 
ing, probably for. the flret time' In 
bis life. When* youth so trained 
steps, rtom hi* training camp or ship, 
he should, be s strong, straight. 
healthy, alert, an* disciplined .man. 
well atted to enter'.IIfe.. To-aach a 
start: every American hoy 1* entitled. 
And.\what la more- Important If we 
are to retain our liberties, the Amer 
lean' youth win' thus "have become an 
efficient soldier or sailor. 

In order to meot the requirement* 
of our situation, therefore, two 
changes must be made In our mili- 
tary system. The law must. extend the 
Itahlllty /of our cltlxena for military 
service so that their service, shall not 
be our borders, and It moat 
Inaugurate military training for all 
young men. " * 

In conclnslon, I'cannot refrain from 
quotlng-tbe war-wise words of that 
beloved soldier ol the Revolutionary 
period. Light Hone Harry Lee: "A 
Government la the murderer of Its 
cttttens which sends them to tha field 
uninformed and nntaaght where' they 
are to meet men of the same age and 
strength,, mechanised by education 
and" discipline for battle.- ' 



need thli wi-ing 

suffering. Shall 

Fenced by -your csreful rati 
Lad* did ye.wsJie in quiet 
Till -.■- said at ..'-■■:,. -v, •■ .: 
Till re made a apart of your _ 
V* slopped -your ura to th* wirieJnf— y* 
.1* sm your liliure beior* their twsnd tout lus 

GlvsB te- strong delusion, whullr bstlevlnc • 11*, 



SS -■.[i.f.r ■■ jiJii* 

what 1* : 
tn* toraUai 

-muaisk essr trada- 

t sun la laid? 

<Lle;Bt n shall rt**a on i 
W imm but ye are U 

Wbi'ji.r rour heart nu i 

Strang, and wIm'i 
withheld tree* rw eras. 






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: ' 

Thfc Message |f 
from Golgotha 

By RBV. B. B. B P TUUgF B 

TEXT-Ther crucified bin, and 
aaalirsctora. ons on Um right hum, ud 
i other on to* lift— Luke 13:11. 

Some time ago there was exhibited 
In the dty of Chicago a "large picture 
called "Golgotha. 1 
It was a represen- 
tation of the scene 
when Tens and 
the two * thieves 
were eruclfled. 
the mliist of tha 
crowd and rising 
from the brow of 
the hill there were 
to be sees the 
three crosses npon 
which were the 
forma Of those cru- 
el Bed. The wood- 
en crossed; have 
long sines fallen 
Into decay, bnt the 
rnessngea given 
in them are still' to be heard. 

■ The Center Cross. 
From trie center cross there conies 
the message (hat provision has. been 
made for the taking away of man's 
sin. This provision has txfen made by 
God alone. He needed no assistance 
from man. The prophet has said thnt 
It pleased the Lord to bruise him; he 
has pot him to grief (Uuilah 53:10). 
Peter has declared that onr Lord was 
delivered by the determinate' counsel 
and foreknowledge of God (Acts 2 :23>. 
Anil Pnul has declared "God commend- 
. ed his love toward us In that while we 
Were yet slluers Christ died for tta" 
(Romans 5:8). It will be seen that 
this provision has been made by God 
through sacrifice, for Jeaus wns the 
Lnmb of God taking away the sin of 
the world (John 1:28), He was the 
folflllment or the types of the Old Tes- 
tament. Toe coat of skins wherewith 
Adam, wns clothed, the blood of tho 
Iamb which protected the 'people In 
Egypt on the Passover night. thebffer- 
Inga of blood of Leviticus, and all the 
Slain beasts offered In. sacrifice, point 
to the fundamental truth that "without 
the shedding of blood there la no re- 
mission" (Hebrews 8:22). Not only 
la this provision mode by God alone 
and by sacrifice,' but It la made by the 
sacrifice of a substitute. Cong before 
^Christ came, the prophet had declared 
f" thaf "he was to be wounded for onr 
transgressions and bruised for our In- 
iquities. All we like sheep, hate enye 
astray and the Lord has laid on him 
the Iniquity of as all" (leelnh S3 :5, 8). 
And when at last that substitute came, 
Peter declared that he "hla own self 
bare our sin* |h his own body oil the 
tree** (I Peter 2:24). This one upon 
the center cross. Is there In man's 
place, standing In man's stead, the sub- 
stitnte to whom Is charged all of rain's 
sin . the sacrifice, blotting out by his 
own blood, the iniquity of man. This 
one hi God's provision for 'tha taking 
away of .man's transgression, 
"-* " rh * ***■*■• Cris* '"' 

The second cross brings in a mes- 
sage of salvation received. It speaks 
to us first of all of a realization of tha 
need for a substitute, and also convic- 
tion of sin. When, the thief cried, 
"Lord' remember me," he was voicing 
the plea of the publican, "God be mer- 
ciful to me the sinner." This Is fol- 
lowed by faith Id him. It Is one thlQg 
to- have faith. It ts another to have 
faith In- the proper object Faith In- 
deed wives us, bnt It la faith In Christ 
alone, One may have good faith In 
a bank, and yet lose his money, not 
because there was. anything wrong 
'with the faith; but because there wss 
something wrong with the object, of 
the faltK. One may have-good faith 
In many things and lose hla souL not 
because there Is anything wrong with 
the faith, hat because that. filth has 
not been centered In the Lord Jeans 
Christ, who alone is. God's provision 
for man's atn. This dying thief could 
not come down from the cross and go 
back over his record and undo the 
things which he bad done. Be con! 8 
not make" restitution ;'he conld not blot 
out hla record, nor was he given tinie 
to come from the cross and live a goodt 
and upright life, but if he. were .saved" 
at all. Jte had to be saved by what 
Christ'did and not by anything which 
■he could do added to what Christ, had 
done. | '.' - , - 

Tha Third Cross. 
The message from, the third cross 
■peaks of the Insanity of sin. ' 
Is a story, (old of a yonng man who 
hs'l committed a crime for which he 
was tried and found guilty and sen-, 
tented to a peril tertiary. After he had 
been placed In the prison, his. mother. 
*t the expense of s great deal n* tiros 
and care, and with many tears. Qnslly 
■ncceeded. In securing for him pardon 
from the governor of the state. With 
Jayous heart, feeling well repaid for 
ghe 'long weeks'nf crasetesa effort, She 
■vent to the penitentiary-. bearing the 
precious pardon which would liberate 
her- l>. ye. When st last -she stood In 
presence with tear* of Joy la 'her 
she handed to hrr boy Ms par- 
Instead of hrrftarsraternl, and In- 
stead of accepting and making' use 
of ' the pardon, the hoy deliberately 
tore It Into piece*, throwing It npon 
rhe floor, and stamped "upon it with 
disdain. It in-!t-ij« nut the sinner who 
rejects Ood~s proffered salvation treats 
what God has to offer. ..'it la the In- 
sanity .of sin leadtns on f« .oiclde ti* 
the soaL All oate k» i" do to rnmasU 
soul sulfide la to r-j-n BcnTa grace. 



the Sunday School Couth- o( the Moody 
Bible Institute.) 
ICopTTlsM, letf. W«lrin .NrwrsMstr Cnlaa.) 

|l don. 


Jesus ■Vtraycd and denied. 

ooloe.t text- He «u despised and 
ralectsd of racn. r m. W:J. 

In teaching this lesson to some of 
the younger classes, emphas's might be 
placed upon the. dramatic scene in the 
garden of Gethsemane, sod Peter's de- 
nial at the lire. In some .of the Inter- 
mediate classes the scholars might be. 
asked to write short, one-mlnnte es- 
says, describing the scene as though 
they, tberaselvea, were present. -Tor 
the adult classes of coarse the central 
theme Is the way that Christ's follow- 
ers neglect him today even as the dis- 
ciples slept In Gethsemane, and be- 
trayed him like Judas or denied hlsc 
like Peter. ; 
I. The Place of Retreat (w. 1-3). In 
■ emphasis upon the spiritual gran-' 
deur of the deity of Jesus, John does 
dwell upon the agony In the gar- 
den. He, however, gives us that noblest 
passage in the New Testament (chs. 
14-17), trie like of which cannot. -be 
found anywhere else In the world's 
writings. Having spoken these words, 
Jesus and his disciples went over the 
Brook Kedron (v, 1) to the garden, 
there to bear the awful weight of 
agony thnt wns crushing blm (Mntt. 
M.:38). while at the spine time he must 
strengthen his disciples* and fortify 
them against the coming trials. That 
(Ills plnre was a place of frequent re- 
sort for Jesus, Judns wns awn re. It was 
a sanctuary in which Jesus met the 
Father, and those ■ who knew him 
knew. It-as a place. of prayer, and the 
most likely place to find hjni at that 
time of night (v. 3). Rebuffed at 
Mary's prodigality, Judas had consort- 
ed. with the priests, nnd now covetoua- 
ness Is to reap its reward, Judns was 
not hardened In a day. His greed for 
money, while at the some tinie listen- 
ing to the teachings of Jesus,, had 
gradually hardened bis heart. 

II. Protecting' and Pretesting (w. 
4-11). (Sep Matt. 26; Usrfc 14; Lnke 
22), Jesus went forth In order (o -con- 
centrate the attention of the soldiers 
npon himself, and to prevent a general 
attack upon the disciples.- In answer 
to his question, they said they were 
seeking "Jesus, Ihe Nnzarene," a term 
of contempt which Jesus answered by 
snylngj "I am he." John adds, "nnd 
Judas, also which betrayed him stood 
with them." Greed for money, grow- 
ing Into theft and' falseness of life, 
ended with the blackest crime the 
world has ever known. His salutation 
sent them backward (v. B). . Berhsps 
among the officers were some who bad 
failed to. arrest blm on a former occa- 
sion (ch. T:4fl), and who were now. 
overawed by bis marvelous words and 
majestic bearing. Again he answered, 
rVHiom seek-yer <v. 7), and they 
said, "Jesus fit' ftaxareth," the same 
words as before, but, ofooaWy In a 
changed tone, showing /hat they were 
prepared to listen with/ respect, thoilgb 
certainly sot with, reverence, to what 
be might have to offer. What a dra- 
matic picture — the braienness of sin, 
Judas who stood among the. enemy, 
and the fearlessness of virtue. Jesus. 
facing his accusers. Augustine, com- 
menting on this verse, wiys, "What 
will be do when he comes as n guest. 
If he' did this when .giving himself up 
as a prisoner T* His act. however. 
shielded hi* disciples, for not .one of 
them was to be lost (v.B R. v.). and 
he knew they were not. strong enough 
yet to stead the test of, arrest and 
trial. At this point Peter attempts to 
defend Jesus (v. 10). 

111. Peter Denying (w. IR-1T). A* 
Jesn* was led away, bis disciples for- 
sook him. They all left falm, and fled, 
but Miiidi adds thnt a certain young 
man followed Jesna. It la conjectured 
that this young man was'Uark. With 
quickness. of action as are now trans- 
ported to the Judgment hall. There 
we see blm bound, with his hands 
shackled, behind his hack, and led 
first to Annas (v. 13), which was an 11-. 
legal transaction, "as though some 
reformer should be tried at Tammany, 
bairin New York" (Robert E. Sneer), 
Annas was now very old. Prom him 
be was taken to Caiaphas, followed" by 
Peter "afar off," now in a different 
moQd than when he smote the high. 
priest's servant"* ear. With him was 
that other disciple (John's way of re- 
ferring to' himself). Now Jnbn was 
known to ihe high priest, 'and he. went 
In wtth Jesna Intjo the nalHre, but 
Peter wns sfsndlmr without at -the 
door. Notice ihe steps of his failure; 
Flr*t. 'he. ."slept" In the garden: sec- 
ond, be followed "afat off" (Luke 
32:114); thi rd. J he ' -*t™rf" without: 
fourth, hi* "sat;* In the midst. 

Then notice the denials, ihe. last scv 
companled by pursing.' Attempts to 
compromise with the. world meet with 
"the same measure of failure today as 
when Peter wss In the Jarteroent hall. 
Bad company ls>s good thing to keep 
oot of unless gone Into'.tn witness for 
Christ. Peter- dirt Aot have that pur- 
pose. The Lord bad only to "look" at 
Peter (Lnke=3:fll) and (he "remem- 
bered." We may deny Christ by our 
sllence. by remaining ounirte of the 
ehorch. by denying hla existence.- by 
profanity, by ridiculing his friends 
by praising" sis ene»lnr or by living 
a life of wbridrlness. 

Church Directory 

Northern Baptist Church, 600 6. Ew- 

A. U. E. Church, St Tsrd- 

VtSO a, m. PrsseaiBg, 

a. as., sad 8 p. m. Young Peoples 

ietias, S to 7:30. Class meeciag 

Tuasdsy, a p. m. Bev, William, H. Pack, 

Ward Chapel A. 1L E. Chnreh. KI-. 

Sundsy-eohool, 1:30 p. m.; Thursdav. 
8:00 p. mi, J. W. Qar- 

och, Mo, —Sunday, Proaeaing ff a. m.: 

St. Peters' A. U. E. Church. EjU- 
ot and Montgomery Sti, Sunday 
Preaching, Ilfltf a, m., and 8:00 p. 
m. Sunday-school, J.p, n ,.. 
, . Bav. a S. Pitcher, pastor. - 

Si Marks A. it. E. 2ion ChnrcB, 
Lamngwell sad Bernard St.- -Services 
at 11:00 a. m. Sunday-school at 1:00 
p. m. Class mseting, Friday evening st 
B:QO. - Baverend F. W. Alstork, the pas- 
tor, win preach special sermons, mora- 
■og and evening. . 

QUINN CHAPEL A. M. E. Church.- 
321 B9WCD St Preaching, 11:00 a. m. 

and 8*0 p. m. Sunday-school, 9*0 a. 

m«Ung, 1 
Ret. T. L, 

!■£ Ave. — Sunday service, preyer meaif 
•ss;, 6:30 a. m.; yrsseUng, U:» s. m_ 
SMd 8 p. r - "■ 
B. Y. P. V 


; Bnnday^chooL 1 p.m. 

BtSO'p. m.j Kission Circle, 
p. m. saeh alondsy; preaening, B 
r- — each Wsdnatday; prayer meeting 
8 p. a. each Kriiay. B«t. J. C. Mar 
tin, pastor; residence, 2710 Mills. 

BaWst £auros, 1TII Pdm 

.« flnnaays, n >." m. and ■ 
sunoss -school, i-se » m. B. T. P. 

KrotbarlKwd mssttna. 
rnnr sisMina.-Rav. g, 


Second Baptut Church, Kinloeh 
Park— Prsaehing, Sundays; 11 a.' m. 
and 8 p. m.i Suaday^chool, 1 p . m .; 
Weekly meefings, Wednesday and Fri- 
day., 8 p. a. Bev. A. P. Harold, Jailor. 

Mount Olive Baptist Chnreh, 1420 
N. 12th Street— Preaching every Sun 
day, 11 a. m., 1 p. m. and 8 p. a.; 
Sunday -school, 1 p. m.; B. Y. P. D., 0:30 
F m.; Mission Circle, fourth- Sundsv 
in such month. Bar.'D. W. Morris 

Watson, Pastor. 

Walla Ave.— Preaehingu. Sua days, ] 
m., and 8 p. a. Sudsy School, 
m. Prayer msetfng, Thursdays, 
as. Bsv. E. L. Claris, - pasior. 

Wayman A. M. E. Church, 23rd 
Wash Street.— Preaching II a. a, 
8 p. m. Endeavor 0:30 p. m. Class 
meeting Tuesday, 8p .m. Prayer meet 
iag Thursday, 8 p. m. Rev. A. B 
Dobbins, pastor. 
Sunday school, 1:30 p. m. 


4060 Fairfax: Ave,, 
Preaching Sunday 11;00 a. m. and 
8^30 p. 'at. Sunday school at llSff 1 ^, m . 
Mid-week services Wednesday and Fri- 
day evenings. Bev, J. H. Oden, Tastor, 

First Baptist Church of Kinloeh, 
Mo.— Sunday, preachlag 11 a m. ud 
B p. m. Bundaysehool at 10 a a. 
Bible, reading at fl:30 p. a. Weekly 
meetings, Tuesday and Thursday at 8 
p. m. Communion,, second Snndaj in 
saeh .month. Bev. P. Hopla, pastor; JL 
L. Brown,- clerk. 

Leonard' Avians Baptist- Chnreh: 80 
B. Leoasrd Ave.— Bund ay. Preaching 
11:00 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday. 
School 1:00 p. as, B. T." P. U. 8:00 p. 
■ Prayer Meeting Wednesday uight. 
Kav. P. W. Dnnavant, Pastor, 
ST1S Walnut, 

Antioci Baptist Chnreh, North Msr- 
fcet and Qoode Ave. Preaching, Sun- 
days at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday 
School it 1 p. a. B. I„ P. U, at 6:30 
p. m., Prayer moeUng, Wednesday st 
8 p. m. Communion Services, Second 
Sunday in each nonth. Bsv. Wm. L. 
Parry, M. D. Pastor. 

Baptist Chnreh, 
streets— Sao day 
prayer meeting, 5 p. a. Preaching, 11 
a. m., 3 p. a. and 8:30 p. m. Sunday 
school, 1 p. m. Pnjti meeting, Tues- 
day night. Preaching, Thursday night. 
Fourth. Sunday in e«h nionth Coven- 
ant and _ Communion. Bav. J. W. Hall 
pkstor; M. C. Crosby, clerk; Pete 
BroKu, treaaurer. 

Providence Baptist Church, Keaner- 
ly and Pendletua Aveauas. — Hunday 
preaching 11 «. m . and 8 p. m. Hu 
day-school, 1 p. a. B. Y. P. U. 7 
a. Prayer meeting, Friday 8 p. i 
Covenant snd Lord's "Supper, fourth 
Sunday. 3 p. m. Mission Circle Prayei 
Meeting third Fridsy, 8:30 p. a. Bev 
E. Calvin Cole, pastor, 31E1 Fsir Ave 

M. E. Church, 

es — Ba tvl cas 'at 11 a. m. and 7:3 
p. m. Sabbath 'School 9 a. m." Bev 
W. H. Fearson, Pastor; A. J. Saunders 

Aabury Memorial M. E. Church, 4291 
Cottage Ave. Sunday school, .9:30 a. 
bl; pnsching II- s. in. and 8 p. a. 
Epworth, Le'ague/ 7 p. m. Class meet- 
ing and Bible . class, Wednesday, 8 p. 
m. . Rev. W. W. Ooff, .psstor. 

R. POrjQL sja) Tjs rfTBP FBJiaTIVE 


2918 Laclede Avenue 

Bnaday-school at 10 a. m.' Preach- 

lag 11' a- m. and 8 p. m. Bible Band 

at B:80. Prayer services Thursday 

eight j. , Bev. E. Poster, Pastor. 

tion of Souls SpiritnalChnrch, 
w. ... Beaumont Street. Bunds v 
school •erviee to' s.,bl, church sarvtees 
11 i- w. and 8 p. m. and messages. 
Mseting at 8. p. m^ WednesqSysnd 
Thnredar. Seaaes it I a a. Tuesday 
aad Friday. Mrs Julia Johnson, ore 
Rev. James D. Millar, pastor 
Henry Qnm, president; Miss A. L 
V sorties, secretary. 

Corinthian Baptist Chureb, 445 
Antelope, Sunday Preaching, 11:00 a 
m. and 8:00 p. a. Sabbath school, 
10:00 s. m.; R Y. P. D., 8 p. m. Wed 
nasdsy: Preaening 8:00 p. m., Fridsy: 
Prayer Meeting, 8 p. m., Mission serv- 
ice, third Friday, 8 p. m. Business 
mseting Fridsy before the fourth 
Lord's day In each month. Bev. Wm. 
Anderson, Pastor. 

Ht Olive Baptist Church No. >, 1400 
Morgan 8t Sunday, prayer meeting, 
B s. m.j preaching, JI s. m, 3 p. m..siid 
8:30 p.. m. Sundey-sMool, 1:30 p. m. 
Prayer meeting ind.»siiasiou Circle, 
Tuesday night. Prayer aad praise 
moating, Friday night. Third Sunday 
!n saeh month Covenant meeting. 
Fourth Sunday communion. Bsv. ' A. 
Dickson, pastor, Thorn sj MiTlsi, elark. 

Air. As»cr.>170tX>codi Av> 



Try The Argus 

Ball, Bomont 


Bplrltual Christian Union (Thnrrb. 

2797 Lawton At ennis. Baudays 8 p. m. 

Fridaya, 8 p. m. J. S. Weatherford, 

rector; Mrs, M. Owens,' assistant and 


Tha Christian Spiritualist Chnreh hu 
moved from E33Ba Wash St.; to 9l7 r N. 
Leoaarll .Avenue, Services evety 
Tuesday snd J Fridsy, st 8:00 p. a. 
Cstsh Bodlamont ear. get- off at 3300 
Franklin Ave, walk \iorth to. 917 N. 
Leonard Ave., Mr. snd Mrs. Craakshaw. 

Misaionsry Bsptist 

Church — 504 Montrose Ave. Snnday 
preyer meeting 8 a. m ; preaching, 11 
a. a. and 8 p. so.; Bnaday-sebaa) 1 p 
rs.; B^Y. P. C. 8:)0; Wednesday 
presetting I p. m.; Fridsy, prayer aeat- 
lag 8 p. oi.: Miuionsry Seeiety, first 
and third Tuesday in each month at 8 
p. m. Bav, David Tyler, pastor. 


3932 J'apin Street. Preaching, second, 
third and fourth' Sundays in each 
month, st II a. a. and -8 p. m. Sun- 
day whool I p. m.; C. E. Society, S: 30 
p. ja. PreschiBg Wednesday night, S 
p, m. Prayer meeting Friday 8. p. m. 
Conim union services second Sunday in 
each month. - Rev. A. H. Boit if. pun- 
tor, phone Central 3193 or Oliv? .1, 
anv time from 8 a, si^-te- 12:30 p. m. 
and 2 p. av to.. 5:30 p..' n. ^S-' 

-Magdalene Baptist Chunk, 3130 Mar- 
ket Sunday school 9:30 s. m- Preach- 
ing. 11:00 a. as. B. Y. P. U., 8:30 p. 
m. ' Praa^aing, 8:00 p. m. Midweelk 
sarrices, Tuesday night, preaching 8:00 

. Thursday night prayer saeeting; 

fourth Fridsy night sash month, Mis- 

Cbeas. Gosnsaamios list Sua day 

asght sash month. Bav. L. R. Casnsy, 

or Sister M. & Bardta, Clerk. 

Mount Zion Baptist Church, 26Z4 
Papin 5t, Sunday: Preaching, 11:00 
a. m. »nd^:00- p. m., Sunday-school 
1:30 p. m^ Prayer meeting, Friday, 
B*0 p. in. _ I ■ . 

Dr. -J. Douglass Herben, Psstor. 

La then. Chnreh, 1701 Morgan St.— 
Suaday pressslag 8 p. m. Bnsday- 
sehool 3 p. SB. C'sterhetieal Instrue- 
tion, Thuraday, 8 p. m. ' Day SshooL 
every day, Ba. m.— a p. a. Bsv. O. A, 


Ice and Wood, Coal By the Bailee! or Tc 
- A»h Hauling and Expreu 



Harry M. Boeckmann 

2715 Franklin Ave. 

Good Houiei Flats and Rooms to Rent to . Colored" People, .' Call or 
Phone. Good Service'.' 

The Chureb of God snd Saints of 
Christ, 4014 Finney Avenue.— Services 
Sunday at 7:30, Wednesday st 7:30. 
Friday st Untorrf.T ''(aitfabatb) sit 
11 a. si, ind rest of the day. Elder J. 
if. Anderson, pastor. . 

WOLF BROTHERS Hair Straightening Oittit 

^mnr*bnsHBSoIISDRehlB>»-T>. WIUlDtwologrrilr.a Ah-.J>.,lNlo.r.Iu U r. n t 

•trslititeninsOonibori.'UTiinsir u n llu icki,sDa ••itu. BaaHsrl snataS lbs ulns lor 

t>-lnth Comb 7S ctrnte 



do of Seals rjpir 

t'n si Chn 







m. and 

8 p. a.. 

, 10 i. 


UbM TueAdev'nn* 


at 8 p. 




nr Mrs. 


t Arms! 



list. An 

oinettn Howard, 

K. \". & 







r: it. 


ward, E. 

N. pastor; Mrs, 

Carrie* P 



, assista. 

it pasto 

.. 2041 

Lucas A 



■me, Cent: 9fil«R 

Ion A. M. E. Chureb, fthsdy inii 
>ls Aves, Bev. W. If "P'sarson, 
*: J.- ]■;. Saarders, Secretary and 

rliipsrintSndeat of Sunday " sc'bocd. 
-aehing. 11:00a. a. and 8:30 :>. m. 

Clssa raeetiog'Th arsday alght. ' 

Motto .- no busiatss ■ with- a neigh- 
'r, whenever tsia is possible, but'st 
] y, aats do bnaiaass with yonr own 

" ■ I "—■ .«■ uwJ.iiinonfaiUMHllii iti.m to I II tads. SBSSMS WrsSBBM 

Wflif BROS. 12141. Senate i Aw.. IniJJanajolJs, Ind., U.S^. I 

Carter's Little Liver Pills 

You Cannot Be 

Const! pared 

and Happy 



A Remedy That 

- Makes Life 
Worth Living 

FRY'S Busy Cat Rate Drug Store 

Service, Our Motto We Deliver the Goodt 

■1 -■"'- - EWING and MARKET ST. 

Central 529« ■■,..,.. . f i,irir 12H 


Fife 8 





. '■' - y ■ ■■ . . . <* ' ■ ■- , ; • - ■ ■_• •' ■ 

Billy Mills and Maude Frisby Supported by Strong Cast Of Stars 

New ™moviE 

Sunday. June 3 

W. 3 Hut In . 


oram Ni»iiTs -same pictokes 




HOTl* Goitre 
Siudiy. Jons 3 i 

' 'TEEASON ■ ■ 
Blue Bird Special and Tom Mix's first 


Honday, June 1 
jmd JTMMIE' DALE ' 3 3rd episode 

Tuesday. June 5 

Bessie Bartscslo la 


Keystone Comedies 

\ttnry Thursday— Helen Hobnei In . 


Saturday 3pocW VtUgrapb Photo- 
plays.. O. Henry's Stories. 



A rieglccU-d-wife Paine Serial in H 


Starting Saturday, Jus* 2 



Ford Car For Hire 




Sunday, June 3 

St. Louis Semi-Pro 


St. Louis Giants 

Game Called at 3:30 




An all muRii good, show of high 

Calibre I' pleasing [irgU audiences at 
the Boukei Washington Theater this 

Harry La Tor. a juggler, white, opens 
the show. Ho is one of (he clev«Rs$ 
performers in this lino ever seen at 
this theater. Ho keeps up. a, tunning 
rapid lire ooninlj while ho 'docs many 
sepajingijr impassible tricks with hats, 
ball-, [ilati-s. etc The act is extra good. 

Lottie Grady, as lovely us ever and 
fcaii'i*..melv. i;uifurii, has n repertoire 
of »ong».»nd character imitations that 
nn> .iriistic, r1s"s.y uml highly entertain- 
ing. Mho in. earning fervent applause 
imli her excellent work. 

Johnnie Woods, and' hiiHomical little 
manikin, ".Little Henry, "-.arc (coring 
(heir ii-nal liig hit with i. new lino' of 
' and song. Henry »tilL sticks 
gin bottle and as usual gets into 


for skolppSng r.n.l 
H<.m«nt- $05. tltf 
cr]] IKimont SaOS 
Mils. Stand— 1 

JI.-.1 pe) hour. 
a Sjteejift Hales 
ing tours. Phone 

Lin, and Sunday 
ask for KEM- 

lur pin's lalooa 

and BooK>r Washington Theatre, 


Thia.atagast 70 room kotal has openol 
aadar n*w maaaernsat. A aba hotel 
(or feanlly or tranaieot sh. Newly dec- 
oniod and has IS baths, itaau Uni 
haass raaaosabl*. -Rev N. A. Mitchell, 
proprietor, SMS Morgan street St. 
laess. Me. Phr.cs Bemoot I9TT. ■ 




Ye* most ec-iiwj U>l. adv. 


a Ik*. >h«i! 
Kiw ii. ws.tei.av aVrtbp h 
*>"** l *fa <r ™w J Jreaium. tag -.>u to* 

'nilze" 'and "I'm 

Watts and WUUs. a miied "team, 
clone the show wilh a combi nation of 
""n" dance. and comedy. The female 
i li ■■ber has a cood voico and sings 
arti Most .if the eomedr is built on 
hi -1 lines with new trimmings hut takes 
^(11. The man is a good burs; dancer. 
The act i* mailing a hit with Dooltof 
Wellington palrcjcs. 

The Booker Washington Theater now 
! -i. a Bell telephone- installed in the 
lobby forth.; aft of tbo patrons'. The 
uunbei is Bomont 2209. 

Billy Mills and Mfude Frisby wiU 
como to the Booker Washiagton-T heater, 
next week,; at tne bead of a big iWek 
company compoaed of refuted aaJent 
Miu Vriaby has bees abroad~and wu 
creating a tenaation in Italy justbefoni 
the war. She ia one of vauderille 'a 
brighteat Colored stars/and she sad. 
her company should score, a big bit 
next wt'c a. • ' ! 


Four pieces. For St Loiiis -Theater, 
Night'wurlj. State priee. Addreaa Boa 
S, Argus Office, 2341 Market St. 


The Selig ten-act. screen vnraion ol 
Rn Beach:! "THE NE"^:B-DO' 
WELL," whiih will be abown at the 
-%'■•■>- M..i i> Airdome, U a bi'a; rnah of 
action from start to finish. It i* 
greater than "The Spoilers." 

Its Sights c.f sweet romance 
higher; its depths of dastardly int(igue 
are blacker; its action and its risks 
and _danger« are more ov'erwhelmiMg. 

Kathlyn .Williams, ttie fammia star 
•ho played Cherry Maloutte in "The 
!'•;■■■ iV>fs. J . ' ia at her beat ia this great 
play, and- ab# is sapporsed'by the" orig- 
inal Spoiler cast! W. N. Selig seat- the 
entir. company u Puuu ; .i ordei 
aeeara the proper atmospnere. "1 
NE'EB- DO- WELL" ia ia ten tr*te 
baa created a sensation wherever 
shdarh- It will be. shown at tU.Nen 
Maris 'Airdome, oste night only, San 
day, Jan* 10. 





And after a tang hot 
day There is No More 
Delightful Way To 
spend an evening than 
to Take a Trip dawn 
the Scenic Mississippi 
River on the beautiful 
Steamer Grey Eagle 

Good Music and an Ex- 
cellent Floor (or those 
that like Dancing. ' 
Tables for those that Ilka 
cards and comfortable 
chain on the ' Upper 
Dock, for ' those that 
want to enjoy the Moon- ' 

Monday Night, June 4, 191J 

Boat leaves foot of Olive Street 9 p. m. 
Music by Great Western Band Admission 35 Gents 

CABANY 1348 

Mme. Lindseyl^ 

Colored Trance Spiritoiliit 
She can tell you what yon would 

like to know 

She can instruct ;oa in all your 

business matters 


6152 -Hiacrrs Are., 

t. jL'>kaW-F« ( i»e sad St. Cnkrlas Can 



Call Lindell 1038 


ar 4543-R 



ing a pipe organ. Refined surrounding;* and gooe order. Our motto is 
to please. Uur patrons should not rnias any of them, because they are 

OPEN 10:00 A. li. AND CLOSE 11-00 P M 


. >- Tuesday , 


Featuring Mollis King 

. Wednesday— The greatest and. 

moat sensational serial, featuring 

Thursday- The Prepnredneaa 
serial "PATRIA" featciring the 
World's Greatest Dancer MRS. 

Saturday -The Secret Kingdom 
featuring DOROTHY KELLY 

...For Limousines pr Touring; Gars 

SAM SHBPARD. Proprietor ■ WILLIS LEWIS, Manager 

. Reasonable Rates. The Best Service in the City 



The 3t. Louis Giants will play their 
first £nme in' $t. Louis, '-this si-Lson, 
Sunday, when they will meet the Wab- 
ada Onada alt BrOck'a I'nrk, 3000 >outh 
Broadway. Manager Barrett ban ae- 
cored*'thiB park 1 for the balance of the 
seasun commencing^ Sunday, June .3. 
The deal was closed wbjle the club was 
in Kansas City, where between rains 
they succeeded in taking two eamei 
from the All' Nations.' 5 to 1 and fi ta 5 

Tho Giants' schedule calls for games 
with'tbe Nebraska Indinna, C. I. Tay- 
lor's A. B. '',';». of Indianspolii, Cuban 
Stars, Chicago Atnoricans snd I. ■ land 
Giants. One of these clubs will be 
booked to play June i>, 6, 7- .A-8(| 
crnsd should vetcomerthe bays Sunday 
for they hirVe sacrificed moeh waitini 
far a St.. Louis pork. The gi 
be called at 3:30. 

I go to the 

cause, as a 
more of science than from the reading 
of countlees books, or by months of 
travel, or from eoortes of lectures de- 
lirered by whiskered, savants "whose 
technicalities confuse rather than in- 
form, \AU of this can be seen at the 
KETtNTA TH KATKK, the . home of 
GOOD picturos^ZOtb and Market Sts. 




There are a great many reason" why 
I go to the motion picture show. To 
begin with, I etn sit at ease ia a 
eomfortsjda seat "»u 1 see before my 
ey«a thewhote peat world paae in x*- 
Tiaw. ■ _ 

I ean sea the Turk at lis mosqna, 
with his arms- stretched toward Mec- 
ca: the explorer battling sgainat the 
mifcht of ice and- aoorr, .the Arab oa the 
baraisg sands of the Ssmara, the might? . 
trees of California, the, black-skinaad 
natives of the tropics gathtrlag cocoa- 
nnls and fnlta,-the hsaats of eiraty 
jungle and forest and plain, the Eah of 
aS the waters of the world, tha msxross 

Photo Drama 
Of 'Creation 

Tho International Bible Students 
have arranged to present "Cieation," 
the wonderful Bible pictures next 
week in Pythian Hall, 3137 Pino 8L, 
June 5, o and 7. These -pictures have 
boeo shown all over the world, over 
15,000,000. people have seen them and 
n Instructive point, pronounce 
s good as '.a. year in college. - 
Creation" is given in three sen-' 
tions.- one section each day.' Section 
one,- June S, covers the period f rom, 
creation till the exodus. 1SI5 B. C. 

Section two. June 0; presents .events 
from, the exodus till the entry of. .tlic 
Lord into Jerusalem A. l. ! . J3. 

■Bection three, June T, gives a pano- 
rama of secular and religious history 
from the crucinxion -tili the present, 
followed by imaginary pieturea Of the 

The performance begins promptly at 
8- p. m. All are welcome. No admis- 
sion *iil be charged, or coUeetion 
taken. ■■''''' ".' ' 

Children cannot be admitted. Adnjta 


v, JTJrh^rvOSl, 1U>, 
at 11:00 a. sa. and 

Uzr_ 10,000 #> 



AUGUST 19th To 25* 

19th Biennial Session of the Supreme Lodge 

Supreme Court of Calanthe and 

9th National Encampment of the 

Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias 

Jurisdiction, N. A.,' S. A., E. p A., A., and A, 


Souvenir Programs Country Store .Barber Shop 

Restaurant Official Photos Pressing Sliop 

Melons Ice Cream Chewing Gum. Pop Corn and Candy 

Ami 86 more good concessions and displays, ■" Address 

Headquarters Ways and Means Committee, 

Chairman- Secretary 

3.141 LawtoaAve. - St. Louie, Mo. 


AR ES. EL BE ., 

(R. CL L B. Ttsdo Mark) j 

A wonderfol ■ irM>»dy for Rheumatarn, Scrofalo, Stomach' 

Trouble, Lumbago and Blood Remedy, on saie at 

Enesl L Kami' Drag Stare, 1M N. Jcftcnea Are.,St. Lsai,, Ms. 

Jl per bottle. All mail criere-wmptly filled on receiDt oif " 

moneyorder. Send your qrder today to the